Fenmore Baldwin (as played by Max Ehrich on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Fenmore Baldwin

* Went to boarding school in Canada
* Had a crush on Summer Newman.
* Bullied Jamie.
* Lives with his parents.

Who's played Fenmore Baldwin over the years?

Zachary Tinker (December 3, 2018 - present)
Max Ehrich (June 11 2012 - May 2015)
Robbie Tucker (2009 - 2012)

Past History

Fenmore Baldwin is the son of Michael Baldwin and Lauren Fenmore. He was a happy youngster who went away to boarding school in Canada to keep him safe from the threat of Daisy Carter, and came back with a bit of an attitude.

Fenmore developed a crush on Summer Newman, and after he caught her kissing a boy named Jamie, bullied the boy through text messages. When the Baldwins tried to keep Jamie out of a foster home by inviting him to move in, Fen set it up to look like Jamie was stealing. When Jamie tried to end it all by jumping off a rooftop, Fen's bullying came to light and he was accused of pushing him. Fen was appalled that his father, the D.A., believed him capable of this and had him arrested. Fenmore's mother, Lauren, was too, and moved out. Fen has made amends with Michael and promises to make things right with Jamie as well, and is now focused on reuniting his parents.

Flings and Relationships



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