Elise Moxley (as played by Jensen Buchanan on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Elise Moxley

* A well-respected judge known for fairness.
* Had an affair with Victor Newman decades ago.
* Was the sitting judge in Adam Newman's case of vehicular homicide of Delia Abbott.
* Was blackmailed by Victor into giving Adam probation, and she revealed her affair with Victor to Adam and Nikki.
* Was attempted to be blackmailed by Nikki when she was the judge in a case against Noah Newman.
* Held a press conference to reveal her past with Victor and eliminate the information the Newman's had been holding over her.

Who's played Elise Moxley over the years?

Jensen Buchanan (November 13, 2015 - present)

Past History

Judge Elise Moxley first appeared in Genoa City on November 13, 2015, the presiding judge in the case against Adam Newman for the hit and run of Delia Abbott. After Adam was sentenced to 10 years in jail his lawyer Michael Baldwin petitioned for a sentence reduction. Victor Newman used the fact he had an affair with Elise years before to get Adam’s sentence reduced.

Elise was blackmailed again months later by Nikki Newman when her grandson Noah Newman was on trial for the hit and run of Billy Abbott. This time Elise refused to be used by the Newmans and held a press conference. She revealed to the public that she had an affair with Victor years before and recused herself from Noah’s case.

Flings and Relationships

Victor Newman (affair)


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