Eden Baldwin (PAST) (as played by Vanessa Marano on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Eden Baldwin (PAST)

* Was raised in an Ashram by her father.
* Lives with Michael and Lauren.
* Has never attended a real school.
* Got into trouble with Noah Newman in Paris on a field trip.
* Was seeing Noah on the sly.
* Was accused of shoplifting some books, but is innocent.
* Lost her virginity to Noah Newman.
* Distrusts Daisy

Who's played Eden Baldwin (PAST) over the years?

Vanessa Marano (December 3 2008 - January 26 2010)
Erin Sanders (September 17 2008 - November 19 2008)

Past History

Eden turned up in Genoa City with Michael Baldwin's estranged father, Lowell (River) Baldwin. She had been raised by her dad in an Ashram in southern California.

When River was arrested on an outstanding murder warrant, Michael and Lauren agreed to take her in and enroll her in school.

Eden waited to see if her father would be convicted of the charges against him, and rebelled against her new lifestyle and school!

She found a teen love in Noah Newman, and after getting into trouble in Paris, they were banned from spending time together. But that didn't stop the pair, who dated on the sly and lost their virginity to one another!

Eden got into trouble when Sharon shoplifted books and blacked it out, causing Eden to take the rap. Eventually Sharon realized what she had done, and Eden's name was cleared. Since then, Eden and Noah have dated openly with the acceptance of their families.

Eden recently became suspicious of Daisy, who is new in town.

Flings and Relationships

Lowell/River Baldwin (father)
Michael Baldwin (half-brother)
Lauren Fenmore Baldwin (half sister-in-law)
Fenmore Baldwin (half-nephew)
Kevin Fisher (half brother-in-law)
Jana Hawkes Fisher (half sister-in-law)




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