Dylan “Mac” McAvoy (as played by Steve Burton on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Dylan “Mac” McAvoy

* Did two tours of duty in Afghanistan.
* Was MIA and presumed dead.
* Had an affair with Avery Clarke while she was married.
* Went into the witness protection program in January 2017

Who's played Dylan “Mac” McAvoy over the years?

Steve Burton (January 29 2013 to January 27 2017)

Past History

Dylan had an affair with Avery Clarke before she came to Genoa City. Avery believed Dylan had died on his second tour in Afghanistan.

Dylan located Avery in Genoa City after seeing her in a newspaper clipping with boyfriend Nick Newman regarding the opening of his new club, The Underground. Dylan came to Genoa City and checked into a motel, where he repeatedly looked at an engagement ring. The first person he ran into was Sharon at Crimson Lights. She gave him directions to Nick's club. Once there, Dylan introduced himself as Mac and offered his services as a contractor. Nick hired him to tend bar instead.

On Nick's grand re-opening night, Avery saw Dylan for the first time and was shocked. After, Dylan told her he stilled loved her and apologized for the way the reveal happened. Nick later confronted him as well. Dylan still hasn't opened up about what happened or where he's been since Afghanistan.

Flings and Relationships

Paul Williams (father)
Nikki Reed Newman (mother)




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