Drucilla Barber Winters (as played by Victoria Rowell on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Drucilla Barber Winters

* Married to Neil Winters.
* Resides at a high rise apartment at 345 Ashland, Apt. 321.
* Runaway as a teen and lived a life of pick-pocketing and prostitution.
* Was taken in by Nathan Hastings who taught her to read and write.
* Worked as a Jabot model, then later went on to become a super model in Paris.
* Donated bone marrow to save her sister's life.
* Slept with Malcolm while medicated thinking he was Neil!
* Took in and later adopted Devon Hamilton.
* Years later found out that Lily was Malcolm's daughter and tried to keep the truth from Neil who eventually found out.
* Almost lost her marriage when Neil found himself attracted to Carmen Mesta.
* Was put under a restraining order against Carmen Mesta after more than a few tyrants!
* A suspect in the Carmen Mesta murder.

Who's played Drucilla Barber Winters over the years?

Victoria Rowell (1994 - April 4, 2007)
Kent Masters King (2000)
Dawn McMillan (1996)

Past History

Drucilla Winters showed up in Genoa City in 1990. Living on the streets with a life filled with crime, Dru was caught pick pocketing Detective Nathan Hastings. Although Nathan let her go, Dru knew she needed to change her ways and turned to her Aunt Mamie for help. John Abbott allowed Dru to move into the Abbott mansion, gave her a job in the Jabot mailroom and she was on her way to a new life.

However, soon after, Nathan caught Dru shoplifting at Fenmore's, but convinced a judge to release Dru into his custody instead of going to jail. Seeing as Nathan had been from the streets, too, he taught Dru how to read, write and to act properly in society. Just as Dru had fallen in love with Nathan, she found out that her uppity, flawless sister Olivia was his girlfriend! Although their relationship was filled with jealousy and envy, Dru and Olivia became close throughout the years.

Dru soon fell in love with Jabot executive trainee Neil Winters and became Jabots new model. Although the couple was mismatched, Neil and Dru went on to marry. While Neil was out of town, his brother Malcolm stopped in to check up on a sick Dru. Heavily medicated, Dru thought Malcolm was Neil, Malcolm thought Dru wanted him, and the two slept together! After Dru became pregnant, Malcolm and Dru agreed that the baby was Neil's and swore to take their secret to the grave.

When Lily was born, Neil expected Dru to become a stay-at-home mom. However, Dru went right back to modeling. After months of arguing and trying to make their marriage work, Dru took Lily to Paris and filed for divorce. Years later, Dru and Lily briefly came back to Genoa City so Dru could denote her bone marrow to save Olivia from a disease, then returned to Paris.

It wasn't until 2002 when Dru and Lily returned home for good to help Neil who had become a full blown alcoholic after Malcolm was presumed dead as a result of a car accident in Kenya. Dru convinced Neil to go to rehab, took a job at Jabot, and turned down her boyfriend Wesley's marriage proposal to make a life in GC with Neil and Lily. When things didn't work out at Jabot, Dru climbed aboard at Newman Enterprises with Neil and the couple soon remarried.

For a while, Dru and Neil were swamped with work, leaving Lily with a lot of time to get into trouble. Although Lily ran into the arms of Kevin Fisher, who ended up using her, Neil and Dru were able to work together and save their daughter from losing more than her virginity. Dru went on to help out troubled teen Devon Hamilton, and convinced Neil to become Devon's foster parents.

Miraculously, Neil's brother Malcolm returned from the dead after surviving the car accident, which everyone thought had been his demise. After much protest from Dru, Malcolm demanded a paternity test on Lily, which proved her to be Malcolm's biological daughter. Again, they agreed to keep the secret from Neil. To make matters worse, Lily ran off and married Daniel Romalotti!

While arguing with nemesis Phyllis Abbott about Phyllis finding out that Lily was Malcolm's daughter, Lily overheard and was crushed! Dru's relationship with Lily was damaged and after Neil found out, he and Dru separated. In 2006, Dru briefly moved in with her best-friend Sharon Newman who was also going through a separation. Thinking her relationship with Neil would benefit by giving him some space, never did Dru think that Neil would run into the arms of another woman.

Dru followed Neil and Carmen Mesta around and even caught the two kissing! Dru later ended up in jail after breaking into Carmen's room and cutting up all of her clothes. Although Dru was sentenced to probation and had a restraining order against her, Dru couldn't take Carmen's taunting attitude and assaulted her at Newman, which in turn cost Dru her job. In the middle of the mess, Devon came down with meningitis and as a result became deaf.

Neil soon saw a different side to Carmen and thought better of pursuing their relationship and went back to Dru, blaming himself for her legal troubles where Carmen was concerned. It wouldn't be long before Neil found Carmen dead behind his club with people looking to Dru as a suspect! Although the Winters have pulled together, the murder of Carmen still lingers over their heads.

In January 2007, Carmen's ex-lover, David Chow showed up in town, determined to make sure that Dru paid for Carmen's murder! Immediately after his arrival, Dru's apartment was ransacked and her clothes were found ripped to shreds all over her living room! Dru is now fighting for her life to not only prove her innocence in the murder of Carmen Mesta, but also to prove that David Chow is out to frame her!

Flings and Relationships

Nathan Hastings (Deceased)
Malcolm Winters
Wesley Carter


Walter Barber (father)
Lillie Belle Barber (mother)
Olivia Barber Winters (sister)
Mamie Johnson (aunt)
Nathan "Nate" Oliver Hastings Jr. (nephew)


Lily Winters (daughter with Malcolm)
Devon Hamilton (son by adoption)


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