Dr. Olivia Barber Winters (as played by Tonya Williams on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Dr. Olivia Barber Winters

* Received more attention growing up than her sister Drucilla.
* Suffered from ovarian cancer.
* Married Nathan Hastings and had one son, Nathan.
* Had to go through a series of HIV tests after Nathan admitted to having an affair with an HIV positive Keesha.
* Slept with Neil Winters.
* Married Malcolm Winters.
* Tried to banish Malcolm from little Nate's life but lost.
* When best friend Ashley Abbott was suffering from breast cancer, Olivia slept with her husband, Brad Carlton.
* Has been in Africa working with Doctors Without Borders, returned once, in 2007, when Dru was killed.

Who's played Dr. Olivia Barber Winters over the years?

Tonya Lee Williams (1990 - present)

Past History

In 1990, Olivia Barber was the girlfriend of Nathan Hastings, a detective with Paul William's Investigations. She was reunited with her sister Drucilla after Nathan caught her shoplifting at Fenmore's department store. Being as Olivia was always considered the smart daughter, with a medical degree, it took many years before she and Drucilla mended their broken relationship.

Dru resented Olivia further after Neil Winters expressed his interest in her. However, Olivia went on to marry Nathan, leaving Neil to fall in love with Dru. After she became pregnant, Olivia was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She ended up delivering a healthy boy, then had a hysterectomy. Olivia and Nathan's marriage came to a devastating halt when Nathan took up with HIV positive Keesha Monroe. After Olivia kicked him out, Nathan kidnapped their son Nate and took off on the run. When Nathan finally agreed to return Nate, he was tragically hit by a car and killed right before Olivia's eyes.

With her son safe, Olivia fell for Neil's brother Malcolm Winters and the two married. Malcolm and her son had a strong bond and Olivia thought she was finally going to be happy. However, after Malcolm's old girlfriend Callie came to town, Olivia became enraged with jealousy and she ended up pushing Malcolm into Callie's arms. The two divorced and Olivia set her sights on Drucilla's ex-husband and Malcolm's brother Neil! Although they had a brief affair, nothing ever came from their relationship.

Olivia's life was again in danger when she almost died from aplastic anemia, but Dru came to her rescue and donated her bone marrow to save Olivia from a close death. Still bitter from their divorce, Olivia refused to let Malcolm see Nate. Malcolm later took her to court and won visitation. However, soon after, while away on a business trip to Kenya, Malcolm was presumed dead after his car had gone over a bridge and plunged into the river below.

Olivia did the unthinkable when she had an affair with her best friend Ashley's husband Brad Carlton! When it turned out that Ashley was pregnant with Brad's baby, Olivia and Brad's affair ended and he went back to his wife. For a few years, Olivia threw herself into her job and spent many hours on duty at Genoa City Memorial. When Dru returned to GC, along with her Paris boyfriend Wesley Carter, Olivia was there to take Dru's place after reuniting with her ex-husband Neil. Although Olivia and Wesley were briefly engaged, he went back to Paris and the two ended things.

Three years later, Malcolm shocked GC when he showed up in town alive! Although grateful for his life, Olivia was furious that Malcolm hadn't made contact with Nate who had been grieving over his death. Olivia ended up forgiving Malcolm and even allowed him to stay at the apartment until he got on his feet.

Since then, Olivia has moved to Africa to join Doctors Without Borders, but returned briefly when Drucilla was killed.

Flings and Relationships

Wesley Carter


Walter Barber (father)
Lillie Belle Barber (mother)
Drucilla Winters (sister)
Lily Winters (niece)
Devon Hamilton Winters (nephew by adoption)
Mamie Johnson (maternal aunt)


Nathan Oliver Hastings (son with Nathan)


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