Dr. Meredith Gates (as played by Alicia Coppola on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Dr. Meredith Gates

* A doctor at the prison infirmary who tended to Victor Newman after he was attacked in April 2016.
* Encouraged Victor to take down the walls he built up around his family.
* Self-described science nerd.
* Likes 17th Century poetry.
* Let Victor push her buttons.
* Her father is head of the judicial review committee.

Who's played Dr. Meredith Gates over the years?

Alicia Coppola (April 13, 2016 - present)

Past History

Dr. Meredith Gates first appeared in Genoa City on April 13, 2016. After Victor Newman was attacked in his sleep in his prison cell, he was transported to the prison infirmary where he was treated by Meredith. She had heard all about Victor's trial and that his family had all testified against him. She suggested that Victor was the one who put up the walls against his family until he turned the tables on her, asking what she was running from.

When Meredith spoke with Adam Newman she assured him Victor loved his family underneath all of the hurt. Still, she told Victor later on he reminded her of her own father, and not in a good way. Victor learned that Meredith's father was the head of the judicial review committee, and encouraged her to reach out to him. When she caught Victor using the phone against the rules, she wrote him up.

Flings and Relationships

Victor Newman (while he was in jail)


Professor Russell Gates (father)


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