David Chow (as played by Vincent Irizarry on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about David Chow

* Had an affair with Carmen Mesta.
* Has a gambling problem and three ex-wives, two of them died under suspicious circumstances.
* Is referred to as "Clark" by his loan shark friend
* Is married to Nikki Newman
* Died in car accident after being revealed as a mobster and the killer of Ji Min Kim.

Who's played David Chow over the years?

Vincent Irizarry (starting Jan. 7, 2007)

Past History

David Chow mysteriously arrived in Genoa City in January 2007 with an interest in what happened to his late lover, Carmen Mesta. He ingratiated himself with Nikki Newman during her campaign for Senator, and then proposed.

Flings and Relationships

Carmen_Mesta - Ex-lover
http://www.soaps.com/youngandrestless/cast/65/Nikki_Reed_Newman - Wife




Mina (Stepdaughter)


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