Daisy Callahan (as played by Yvonne Zima on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Daisy Callahan

* Went to high school with Abby Carlton and Noah Newman.
* Worked at Lauren's boutique, Fenmores.
* Kidnapped Jana and Lauren with her evil Aunt Sara.
* Was revealed to be Sheila's daughter.
* Left town to avoid prosecution.
* Came back to Genoa City pregnant.
* Is in jail

Who's played Daisy Callahan over the years?

Yvonne Zima (October 30 2009 - September 28, 2012)

Past History

Daisy turned up in town just in time to help Abby get into an adult Halloween party with fake ID. She went to school with Abby and Noah and developed a crush on Daniel. She drugged Daniel and pretended to sleep with him - this led to the end of his marriage to Amber.

Daisy and her brother Ryder were revealed to be the offspring of Sheila Carter. They, along with Sheila's sister Sara, kidnapped Jana and Lauren and held them captive. When Ryder let them go, Daisy left town to avoid prosecution. She recently returned pregnant and told Daniel he is the father. After Daniel helped deliver their baby, Daisy knocked him out and took off. She abandoned the child at a church and disappeared.

Daisy turned up back in Genoa City after learning her baby had been adopted by Billy and Victoria via Phyllis's blog. Daisy made a deal with Phyllis, where Phyllis would help Daisy with legal issues and Phyllis would get temporary custody of her granddaughter, Lucy. Daisy is currently manipulating Phyllis from behind bars with the help of Avery.

Flings and Relationships

Daniel Romalotti


Sheila Carter (mother)
Ryder Callahan (brother)


Lucy Romalotti (with Daniel Romalotti)


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