Chloe Mitchell Ashby Abbott Fisher (as played by Elizabeth Hendrickson on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Chloe Mitchell Ashby Abbott Fisher

* Was a figure from the fashion world who was hired by Jabot to help Lily adapt when she won the Fresh Faces of Jabot contest
* Fell in love with Lily's boyfriend Cane
* Got Cane drunk and told him they had sex, then said she was pregnant
* Cane fired her from Jabot
* Got hired at Restless Style Magazine
* Married Cane because of their unborn child.
* Was revealed to be Esther's daughter Kate.
* Admitted to her unborn child that Billy Abbott is her father.
* Marriage to Cane was annulled when the paternity truth came out, then she married Billy.
* Divorced Billy and dated Chance.
* Became engaged to Chance, but learned he had cheated on her with Heather.

Who's played Chloe Mitchell Ashby Abbott Fisher over the years?

Elizabeth Hendrickson (2008 - May 27, 2014 - on and off until July 5, 2017)

Past History

Chloe is actually Kate Valentine, Esther's daughter and Katherine Chancellor's goddaughter, who was sent away to boarding school at a young age.

She changed her name to Chloe Mitchell and came back to Genoa City without revealing herself to her mother, of whom she is ashamed because she is a maid.

Chloe found out she was pregnant, and duped Cane Ashby into believing he is the baby's father. After they were married, it came out that she is actually Esther's daughter. Chloe told her unborn baby the truth - Billy Abbott is her father! The paternity truth came out after the baby was born and Cane angrily divorced Chloe and even brought a custody suit against her. When that storm passed, Chloe married Billy, but it was short-lived. Chloe wound up dating Chance, and they became engaged, but he cheated on her with Heather. Chloe moved in with Kevin to get away from Chance and the Chancellor Estate, and has flirted with Ronan Malloy. She also found out Ronan was Chance's long lost brother and spilled the news to Chance. Chloe believed that Chance was shot and killed by Ronan in a botched police set-up. She moved in with Kevin, but when he fell for her, she told him she didn't feel the same and moved back to the Chancellor Estate. She began missing Kevin, and realized she loved him. They kissed on New Year's Eve, but jealous Jana has done everything she can, including faking amnesia, to come between them. Chloe learned Chance was not dead when he came back from the witness protection program, but he slept with Heather and Chloe stayed with Kevin. Chloe went in cahoots with Gloria to expose Jana as a nut, which led to Jana kidnapping Kevin and dying from a brain tumor.

Chloe saw her daughter through a leukemia scare after getting full custody of her from Billy. As Chloe didn't know Billy's whereabouts during the leukemia scare, it was Kevin she leaned on. They became engaged, but Chloe was left at the altar by Kevin, who went off with Angelina thinking he was protecting Chloe and Delia. After Kevin's coerced marriage to Angelina was annulled, Kevin married Chloe at Gloworm. They created a website together, but it went bust.

Chloe became partners with Chelsea and advised her throughout her pregnancy to keep the child a secret from Adam and pass it off as Dylan's. Chloe and Kevin had also split up since he had begun stealing and was a bad influence on Delia. Just as Chloe and Kevin had begun to talk again, Delia was cast as the Wicked Witch in the school play. Kevin and Chloe decided to go together to watch her performance, and Chloe gave her a special ring right before the play. After, Chloe told Delia how much she loved her, and left her with Billy. Chloe went to a movie with Kevin and turned off her phone in the theatre. During that time, Delia was killed by the side of the road when she exited Billy's car to chase her puppy. Chelsea found Chloe at Crimson Lights and took her to the hospital, where Billy broke the news that Delia was already gone. Chloe became hysterical and alternately blamed Billy and Kevin for things not being different.

Flings and Relationships

Philip 'Chance' Chancellor IV (broken engagement)
Ronan Malloy


Esther Valentine (mother)
Tiny the plumber (father)
Katherine Chancellor (godmother)
Cane Ashby (husband)
Jill Foster Abbott (mother-in-law)
Billy Abbott (half brother-in-law)


Cordelia Abbott (deceased; daughter with Billy Abbott)


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