Carmine Basco (as played by Marco Dapper on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Carmine Basco

* Came to town looking for ex-girlfriend, Angelina.
* Attempted to kidnap Chloe to pay Kevin back for stealing Angelina.
* Was duped by Abby, who then fell for him.
* Left town with Abby.
* Returned to Genoa City after Abby dumped him.
* Had an affair with Lauren Fenmore.

Who's played Carmine Basco over the years?

Marco Dapper (March 27, 2012 - October 4, 2013)

Past History

Carmine came to town hot on the heels of ex-girlfriend Angelina. When Angelina fell for Kevin, and her father forced them to get married, Carmine sought revenge by kidnapping Chloe from the Gala. Abby caught on and put herself in the trunk instead, hoping for publicity. While on the run, Abby fell for Carmine. They returned to Genoa City briefly and then left town together.

Carmine returned to Genoa City after a time. He was without Abby, who had basically dumped him in New York. He began bartending again, and soon noticed Lauren Fenmore. When Lauren began having marital trouble, Carmine was there to lend an ear and one day he kissed her. They wound up having a passionate affair that lasted months until Lauren told Carmine she was fighting for her marriage and never wanted to see him again.

Carmine interacts regularly with his boss, Billy, at On The Boulevard, and since they played a high-stakes poker game (in which Billy won the restaurant), Carmine's been trying to tempt Billy back into gambling again.

Flings and Relationships

Angelina Veneziano
Abby Carlton Newman (dated)
Lauren Fenmore Baldwin (affair)






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