Brad Carlton (as played by Don Diamont on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Brad Carlton

* Divorced from Victoria Newman Carlton.
* Resides at 1185 Cottage Grove Rd.
* His real name is George Kaplan.
* Changed his identity and ran away after his family was murdered.
* Was the Abbott family grounds keeper.
* Was kept in a cage by his crazed estranged wife Lisa.
* Took over Newman Enterprises with the help of Jack Abbott.
* Found out he wasn't the biological father to Abby.
* Revealed that his mother was alive and had been imprisoned in a conservation camp.
* Killed two men in self defense after they kidnapped Sharon Newman.
* An unofficial suspect in the Carmen Mesta murder.
* Currently unemployed and charged by the FBI for money laundering after his dealings with David Chow came to light.
* Died rescuing Noah Newman from an icy lake.

Who's played Brad Carlton over the years?

Don Diamont (1984 - 1985; June 1998 - September 17, 2009)
Russell Todd (1993 - temporary replacement)

Past History

Appearing on the scene in 1985 as the Abbot gardener, Brad Carlton quickly made his way into the boardroom at Jabot. While he was dating Traci Abbott, Jack hired Paul to do a background check and later stumbled across some skeletons in Brad's closet, proving in Jack's mind that Brad was a gold-digger. However, not wanting to ruin Traci's happiness, Ashley convinced Jack to keep quiet about Brad's past marriage to the wealthy Lisa Mansfield, leaving Brad and Traci free to marry.

Shortly after Jack's discovery, a bitter Lisa came to town and kidnapped Brad! Kept in a cage, Lauren Fenmore came across Brad, but in an attempt to save him she was captured, too! Fortunately, just as Lisa was leaving the scene, Jack came in and rescued Brad and Lauren. During Brad's absence, Traci had filed for divorce.

Brad later took a job at Ra-Tech and took off on a business trip with Cassandra Rowlands, who in turn drugged him and married Brad in Vegas! Shortly after returning to Genoa City, Brad had filed for divorce. Before it was final, Cassandra was hit by a car and killed, leaving Brad her entire fortune, including the estate that he lives in to this day! After finding out that Traci was pregnant with his child, Brad remarried her. However, even after Colleen was born, their marriage continued to falter and Traci ended up taking Colleen to NY, divorcing Brad and marrying Steve Connelly. For many years, Colleen would grow up referring to Steve as her father and to Brad as a visitor.

Turning out to be quite the playboy, Brad went on to have a steamy affair with an old lover, Lauren Fenmore. He even had a heart attack after spending a hot night with her! From there, Brad got together with Nikki Newman. However, after Victor was shot, Brad was blamed and Nikki went back to Victor. Brad was later cleared.

In 1998, Brad and rival Jack Abbott teamed up and took over Newman Enterprises. However, their takeover was short lived with Victor quickly regaining control, leaving Brad to head back to Jabot.

Brad later married a pregnant Ashley Abbott and vowed to raise her unborn child as his own. Years after Abby was born, during Ashley's struggle with breast cancer, Brad found out that Abby was Victor Newman's biological daughter and that Ashley had stolen his sperm to impregnate herself! Although they tried, their marriage didn't survive Ashley's secret and her delusional love for Victor, but to this day, Brad still helps Ashley raise Abby as his own. Prior to his divorce from Ashley, Traci sent their daughter Colleen to GC to live after Colleen got in with the wrong crowd, and Brad was finally able to repair his relationship with his daughter.

Brad's professional life took a drastic turn after he was shut out of the CEO position at Jabot, offered to Victoria Newman by Jack, causing Brad to quit! When Victor heard about Jack's offer to his daughter, he offered Victoria the CEO position at Newman and in turn Victoria hired Brad for an executive position. Brad and Victoria grew close and soon went on to marry, even after Brad professed his love to a married Sharon Newman! Not able to fight his passion for Sharon, Brad and Sharon had a one-night affair while away on business.

However, just when everyone thought they knew Brad, it was revealed that Brad Carlton was really George Kaplan with a mother Rebecca who he had hid for years! A prisoner in a concentration camp in World War II, Brad's mother was forced to catalogue stolen art for the Nazi Commandant and his men. After escaping the camps, Rebecca went on to testify against the Commandant who was later executed. Wanting to undue some of the wrongs of the camps, she set out on a mission and managed to put some of the art back into the hands of its rightful owners!

On an otherwise normal day, as a teenager, George (Brad) and his mother Rebecca returned home to find his father, sister and aunt murdered on their living room floor. Knowing the people from her past were after her, Rebecca and George changed their names and fled Cleveland, Ohio for good. In 2006, after being in hiding for years, a background check ran on George (Brad) made the killers from his past acutely aware that he and Rebecca were alive! The killers tracked down Brad and demanded that Rebecca tell them where the Grudgeon Reliquary was. Brad then brought Rebecca out of hiding and shipped her and his two daughters to a safe house in Hawaii. After Sharon Newman was kidnapped in place of Brad's wife Victoria, Brad and his friends worked diligently to locate the Grudgeon, but were unsuccessful. Brad found himself face to face with the two kidnappers, one being the son of the Commandant who had held Rebecca, Oscar Volkmann. In the end, and in an attempt to save Sharon, Brad killed both men and returned to Genoa City for good, vowing, along with his friends, to never tell a soul.

Although Brad was totally devoted to Victoria, during the December storm of 2006, Brad admitted to Sharon Newman that he'd alway love her.

When his divorce from Victoria became final, and a DNA test proved he was not the father of her son, Brad tried to get together with Sharon, but she had already formed a relationship with Jack Abbott. Brad turned to work, taking a position in the executive at Jabot, that he has since lost due to his dealings with David Chow.

He briefly landed the CEO position at Newman Enterprises when Victor was presumed dead, but was forced to resign when Victor was discovered alive and Neil took over the company. Brad is currently unemployed and facing federal charges of money laundering stemming from his involvement with David Chow.

Brad met his demise after visiting Sharon at the Abbott cabin to profess his love. She turned him away, and on the way back to GC he had car trouble. While looking under the hood, Brad heard Noah cry for help. Brad died saving Noah from the icy waters of the lake!


Rebecca Kaplan (mother)
Arturo (Arthur) Kaplan (father - deceased)
Stephanie Kaplan (sister - deceased)


Colleen Carlton (daughter with Traci Connolly)
Abigail "Abby" Abbott Carlton (daughter of Ashley's)
Robert Carlton (son with Ashley Abbott - stillborn)
Unnamed Child (miscarriage with Traci Connolly)


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