Blake (as played by Paul Leyden on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Blake

* Came to Genoa City from Australia.
* Is a henchman for the organization Cane ratted out in Australia.
* Is blackmailing Cane for money and posing as James Collier, a consultant, as part of the scam.

Who's played Blake over the years?

Paul Leyden (October 6, 2010 - present)

Past History

Blake came to town from Australia and was watching Cane's family. He disguised himself as a police officer when Cane took Lily to the cottage to hide out. Blake told Cane the organization back in Australia wanted five million dollars from him in payback. When Cane devised a plan to extort the money from McCall Unlimited, Blake began posing as a consultant named James Collier to enable the scam. He has tried to insinuate himself into Lily's good graces.

Flings and Relationships







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