Ana Hamilton (as played by Jamia Simone Nash on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Ana Hamilton

* Came to Genoa City with Tyra Hamilton, who told everyone she was Ana's mother.
* Is an accomplished singer, who often sings in Neil's club, Indigo.
* Was introduced as Devon Hamilton's cousin, but it was revealed that she is actually his sister.
* Is being raised by Tyra Hamilton, her aunt. Her mother is Yolanda Hamilton.
* Lived at Neil's place with Tyra, but then left for New Hampshire to attend an art school on a scholarship provided by Katherine Chancellor who had seen her perform at a gala.
* Moved away with Tyra.

Who's played Ana Hamilton over the years?

Jamia Simone Nash (July 2008 - May 18, 2009)

Past History

Ana came to town being raised by her single mother, Tyra Hamilton. They showed up when they had nowhere to go because Tyra had lost her job. They landed on Ana's cousin Devon's doorstep, and began living with his adopted dad, Neil Winters.

Soon it was revealed that Ana's mother was actually Yolanda, Devon's mother, which made Tyra her aunt, and Devon her brother. Tyra took Ana away to an arts school in New Hampshire on a scholarship provided by Katherine Chancellor.

Ana came back, but eventually left town with Tyra after her affair with Devon.

Ana has come back to Genoa City twice since leaving. The first time she met Yolanda/Harmony her biological mother. Currently, she has returned to work in the music business with Devon.


Yolanda Hamilton (mother)
Tyra Hamilton (aunt/guardian)
Devon Hamilton (brother)




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