Millie Perkins (Rebecca Kaplan on The Young and the Restless)

Current Character: Rebecca Kaplan

Birthday: 1938-05-12

Birthplace: Born in Passaic, New Jersey, USA

Marital Status: Widowed (Robert Thom - deceased-1979)


Millie grew up in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, and interestingly enough, began her career as a model. During this time, she appeared in her first film, as the star of 'The Diary of Anne Frank'. She then signed on to appear in the 1961 Elvis Presley film, 'Wild in the Country'.
As a young starlet, she has worked in numerous theatre productions, she worked her way into television, film and has been steadily working ever since.
Millie has been married twice. The first time she married actor, Dean Stockwell, with whom she later divorced on 30th July 1962. Sometime later she met and married writer and director, Robert Thom, who wrote the script for the popular 1968 movie 'Wild in the Streets', in which she appeared! Unfortunately, Robert Thom is now deceased (1979), leaving Millie a widower.

Perkins continues to perform both in film and on television. She made her first appearance on The Young and the Restless July 27th, 2006.

Career Highlights

The Young and the Restless - Rebecca Kaplain (July 27,2006 - September 17 2006) (Was recast with Lorna Raver)
Though None Go with Me - Frances Childs (2006)
The Lost City - Donna Cecilia Fellove (2005)
Yesterday's Dreams - Mrs. Hollister (2005)
Any Day Now - Irene O'Brien Otis (1998-2002)
The Summer of Ben Tyler - Doris (1996)
The Chamber - Ruth Kramer (1996)
Broken Angel - Penny Bartman (1987-1988)
Wall Street - Mrs. Fox (1987)
Strange Voices - Helen (1987)
Love in the Present Tense - Vera Jenkins (1982)
The Trouble with Grandpa - Doctor Langly (1981)
The Diary of Anne Frank - Anne Frank (1959)


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