John Castellanos (John Silva on The Young and the Restless)

Current Character: John Silva

Birthday: 1957-04-11

Birthplace: Born in La Mesa, California

Marital Status: Married Rhonda Friedman ( December 23, 1992 - present


John Castellanos made his daytime debut on The Bold & the Beautiful in 1987, where he met and later married B & B supervising producer, Rhonda Freedman.

During his spare time, John enjoys playing tennis, golf, woodworking, and traveling. John also loves to write and tell stories. John is an active in a number of charitable organizations.

Career Highlights

The Young and the Restless - John Silva (1989 - Present)
Teen Angel - Copablanca (1997)
Bold and the Beautiful - Jeff Talon (1987)
K-9 - Man in Rolls Royce (1989)


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