Spoilers for the Week of May 01, 2023

05/03/2023 08:10 am

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In Soaps.com’s newest spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful from Monday, May 1, through Friday, May 5, Steffy can’t believe her eyes (or, rather, doesn’t want to!), Sheila refuses to stay down for the count, Ridge Jr. pretends that father knows best, and Bill pulls out all the stops to convince Katie that he deserves the 22nd chance that he’s so determined to get from her. And these are but a few of the teasers for the week ahead that you’ll find below.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of May 1:

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, May 1:

In Monday’s recap, Bill brings Katie to tears, Eric reassures Carter, and Sheila works her wiles on Jack.
Sheila Jack B&B

Ready to pick things up where they left off with that big ol’ Friday cliffhanger? Today, we’ll find out who Sheila’s mysterious visitor is. (Meanwhile, we think we may have figured out who has been bankrolling her all these months… check out our theory here.)

Bill has made it pretty clear he thinks there’s only one guy who is right for Katie. And believe it or not, he’s not #TeamCarter! Just how hard is Dollar Bill willing to work to reunite his family?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, May 2:

In today’s Bold & Beautiful recap, Jack insists Sheila belongs in jail, Steffy fills Finn in and Katie has a talk with Carter.

B&B Finn hugging Steffy looking worried at home

Talk about a tough challenge! Sheila’s going to do everything in her power to try and convince her visitor that he should help her out.

Will Finn feel better or worse after Steffy fills him in on all the details regarding her visit with his jailed bio-mom?

Preview: Steffy gets an eyeful that leaves her with not one but two dilemmas!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, May 3:

In Wednesday’s recap, Ridge stuns RJ, Deacon meets with Chef Daniele and Count Bousie, and Hope questions Thomas.
Hope Thomas B&B

Everything’s coming up roses for Deacon, who does what he can to assure that the restaurant he now owns will be a big success.

Although R.J. has made it perfectly clear he wants to do his own thing as opposed to working at Forrester, dad Ridge makes an offer his son might find tough to refuse.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, May 4:

Get ready to see a big grin light up Ridge’s face as R.J. goes along with his plan. But is R.J. pulling his dad’s leg?

When Hope slips into another of Thomas’ designs so that he can check it out, she can’t help but be affected. Is Liam’s wife really falling for Douglas’ daddy?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, May 5:

It’s been a long time coming, so we can’t blame Ridge, Taylor and Brooke for taking a little time to enjoy the fact that their oft-fractured family seems to have become a pretty cohesive unit. (We’d like to suggest that none of them read the below sentence… )

Even as her parents are reveling in their drama free-family, Steffy sees something she really, really wishes she hadn’t. (Cue the big-time drama in 3… 2… )

So wrong, it’s right? Or just so, so wrong? Review our brand-new photo gallery of the most toxic couples ever from Bold & Beautiful and all four of the soaps below.

– Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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