Spoilers for the Week of April 17, 2023

04/21/2023 08:40 am

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In Soaps.com’s newest spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful from Monday, April 17, through Friday, April 21, Taylor reminds Brooke what friends are for as Hope’s mom shares her worries. Plus, Steffy shines a spotlight on what’s really important as the soap reaches a major milestone, and it’s a boy for Ridge and Brooke! Keep reading, and we’ll add teaser upon teaser to this smattering of previews!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of April 17:

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, April 17:

In Monday’s recap, Brooke confides in Taylor, Liam puts Thomas on notice, and Hope opens up.
Hope B&B

Brooke is increasingly convinced that something’s going on with Hope… and with good reason. Who better to discuss the situation with than her BFF Taylor… especially given that she’s the mom of Thomas, around whom a fair portion of Brooke’s concern revolves!

Hope wasn’t entirely sure it was a great idea to bring Thomas back into the fold, business-wise, but ultimately did so in order to save her line. Perhaps now that Hope needs a pretty big favor from Steffy, she’ll use that fact as leverage! .

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, April 18:

In Tuesday’s recap, Steffy celebrates a memory-filled birthday with her loved ones as Bold & Beautiful marks its 9000th episode.
Steffy Ridge mashup B&B

Primetime shows consider it a big deal when they’ve aired, say, 200 episodes over a span of 15 years. Today, Bold & Beautiful looks at its after-dark brethren and says, “Hold my beer” as it celebrates its 9,000th episode with a special stand-alone outing celebrating the things that matter most —  both in life and on soaps: love and family.

Anybody else notice that Steffy and Liam have been spending an awful lot of time together? Sure, both are happily married at the moment, but is that all about to change?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, April 19:

In Wednesday’s recap, Taylor confronts Sheila, Bill puts Katie on notice, and Hope tells Deacon she knows what he did.
Deacon Lil Nas X Hope B&B

So what’s Sheila been doing while sitting behind bars? Apparently, stewing about the people who screwed her over. Today, she finally has an opportunity to lash out at Bill for what she considers to be his betrayal.

If there’s one great thing about owning your own restaurant, it’s that when you decide to have a meal with your daughter, you’re pretty much guaranteed great service. So Hope and Deacon will definitely be well taken care of when they sit down at Il Giardino. Find out who the wait staff will be played by here.

Oh baby… Congrats are in order — again! Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is pregnant with her fourth child!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, April 20:

With Bill back to his old self — and Katie clearly feeling grateful that her ex did everything in his power to keep the family safe — it’s not surprising that Carter’s questioning his place in her life!

It seems that despite everything, Deacon is still caught up in his feelings for Sheila. Today, he puts in motion a plan to deal with them. (Our hope for the guy? That his “plan” involves finding someone new… and we have a pretty good idea as to who it should be!)

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, April 21:

In case you didn’t notice, Brooke and Ridge have suddenly been mentioning their son quite a bit of late. Well, today, Ridge Forrester Jr. finally returns from Europe.

Guess spilling her guts to Bill wasn’t enough for Sheila because, despite the consequences of that particular chat, she’s now ready to confess to Deacon! Will it be about her many past crimes or the fact that she’s still nuts for him — pun intended?

It’s confirmed: Denise Richards is returning to her old stomping grounds…

Earlier this week, Carter was wondering if perhaps Katie’s feelings for her ex had returned. He may get his answer today, because it sounds as if Bill is about to put his favorite ex on the spot… in front of her current boo!

“Not sure how long I’ll stay”: Daytime stars, including Sean Kanan (Deacon), speak out on an upsetting policy change.

As the Forrester welcome back Ridge Jr., get to know him yourself in our brand-new photo gallery below. For a young guy, he’s lived a whole lotta life!

– Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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