Spoilers for the Week of April 03, 2023

04/06/2023 01:20 pm

Finn B&B

And now for something completely different! Just kidding. With Operation Bust Sheila over with, Soaps.com’s newest spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful from Monday, April 3, through Friday, April 7, suggest that things get back to normal. Or at least normal-ish. While Bill tells the scariest campfire story ever — i.e., what it was like to be with the madwoman — Hope frets anew about her relationship with Liam, and Thomas picks up where he left off dealing with his daddy issues. Plus, Finn’s next move could have devastating consequences. Read on, and we’ll trot down the runway with these teasers and more!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of April 3:

Whoa! Preview: Katie’s extreme reaction to Bill’s reveal will make your head spin!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, April 3:

In Monday’s recap, Katie reacts to Bill’s deceit, Finn faces a life or death situation, and Ridge and Bill are hailed as heroes.
Carter Ridge Eric Bill B&B

Finn faces a life-or-death dilemma. Will he make the difficult choice that would leave all of his friends and family cheering?

As if they (and we) couldn’t guess, Taylor and Brooke wonder what Ridge’s return means for them. How long will it be before he’s knocking on their door?

Aww-some! Congrats! First photos of Daytime Emmy winner’s precious newborn with Big Bang Theory star.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, April 4:

In Tuesday’s recap, Brooke and Taylor make a pact, and Bill and Ridge tell their children about their sting operation.
Bill Liam Hope Wyatt B&B

After all that they’ve been through, and not only survived but emerged stronger than ever, Steffy and Finn express their gratitude to one another.

Good luck making it all make sense, buddy! When Bill details his experience with Sheila to Liam, Hope, and Wyatt, they’re bound to be gobsmacked.

Pranks, but no pranks! Darin Brooks “could’ve gone without seeing” Don Diamont make an April fool of himself.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, April 5:

In Wednesday’s recap, Liam catches Hope in a compromising position, and Thomas and Ridge make amends.
Thomas Ridge B&B

Thomas and Ridge come face to face for the first time since their estrangement. Will the helping hand that Thomas is giving Hope For the Future have scored him any points with Dad?

Liam pays an unexpected visit to Hope. And based on this preview, he’s not going to like what he sees when he does!

Adorable newborn alert! See Joe LoCicero’s baby boy with Gina Rodriguez inside.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, April 6:

In Thursday’s recap, Hope imagines kissing Thomas, and Liam goes ballistic.
Liam Hope B&B

Hope worries about her marriage — with good reason. Thomas’ return to Hope For the Future may have been great for the company, but it’s put a terrible strain on her home life.

Mark your calendars, as Hallmark fan favorite Cindy Busby sets out on an important mission: “I can’t wait for you all to see this one.”

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, April 7:

In Friday’s recap, Hope fantasizes about Thomas while seducing Liam, and Brooke struggles to honor her pact with Taylor.
Brooke Ridge B&B

Somehow we doubt that lit candles and chocolate-covered strawberries will fix the problem. Nonetheless, Hope creates a romantic night for Liam.

Taylor shuts down Thomas’ concern that Ridge will go back to Brooke. The shrink is convinced that she and her new bestie have put that chapter of their lives behind them. But have they really?

Daytime Emmy Awards 2023: Everything we know — and you need to know — plus, there was more than one big announcement made.

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– Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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