Spoilers for the Week of February 13, 2023

02/17/2023 07:40 am

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Outta the mouths of babes come Soaps.com’s newest spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful from Monday, February 13, through Friday, February 17. Well, actually, outta the mouth of just one babe — young Douglas. Given the opportunity to play favorites between Thomas and Hope, the boy does just that… in a way that promises to have far-reaching consequences. Read on for more on this storyline and then some!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of February 13:

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, February 13:

In Monday’s recap, Steffy makes a decision about Douglas, Finn and Li discuss the court hearing, and Sheila parts ways with Deacon.
Sheila Deacon B&B

Sheila has a strange reaction when Deacon calls her bluff.

Douglas’ decision rocks everyone’s world.

Three daytime faves, including Annika Noelle (Hope) — wow, could this be the ultimate soap crossover?!?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, February 14:

In Tuesday’s recap, Finn gets surprising news, Liam reads Thomas the riot act, and Douglas goes home with [Spoiler].
Hope Steffy B&B

Liam rails at Thomas for putting Douglas in a bad position.

The Forresters and Logans become divided once again.

Soaps’ Valentine’s Day gift to you: Over 30 (!) photo albums that retell the love stories of your favorite soap opera couples — past and present… Get out the chocolates and enjoy!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, February 15:

In Wednesday’s recap, Finn balks at Steffy’s request, and Hope agonizes over the situation with Douglas.
Liam Hope B&B

Chicago Fire Spoilers! Carver’s love life heats up as Severide exits.

A temporary solution to a difficult situation is proposed.

Fire Country preview: Is this the end of [spoiler]? — plus, everything you need to know to start watching primetime’s hottest drama, including a gallery of the cast that explains who’s connected to who!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, February 16:

In Thursday’s recap, Finn speaks his mind, Hope breaks down, and Thomas makes an appeal.
Thomas Eric B&B

Full “Steam” ahead: Bold & Beautiful just laid the groundwork for the fall of ‘Sinn’! Get the details inside.

Thomas requests a second chance from Eric.

Douglas, Liam and Hope share a poignant family moment.

We have major news to report — at last! — an All My Children supercouple’s on-screen reunion is set!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, February 17:

In Friday’s recap, Finn intervenes when Thomas turns hostile toward Steffy, and Brooke and Taylor bring Deacon into the loop.
Brooke Deacon B&B

Eric, then Steffy, put Thomas in check.

Taylor and Brooke band together in the best interest of Douglas.

A blast from the past! See what some of your favorite Melrose Place stars look like today in 30 gorgeous then-and-now photos.

Scott Clifton (Liam) opens up about separation from his wife of 10 years: “She remains my best friend.”

Find out who’s who in Sheila’s twisted family by reviewing the below photo album of the many relatives she’s driven away.

– Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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