Spoilers for the Week of January 23, 2023

01/26/2023 07:02 am

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It must be snowing in hell, ’cause a whole lotta impossible things are going down in Soaps.com’s newest spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful from Monday, January 23, through Friday, January 27. For starters, the most “to-die-for” restaurant in L.A. has an unlikely new owner. On top of that, Thomas envisions a future for himself that… looks absolutely nothing like his present. And Finn risks life and limb to remind Mommie Dearest that she’s persona non grata. Read on for the details on these teasers and more!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of January 23

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, January 23:

In Monday’s recap, Deacon makes a huge announcement, and Brooke screams a warning at Sheila as she puts her and Bill on notice.

Brooke scream B&B

If you’d asked us a while back, we’d have said that Deacon was simply using Sheila (in much the same way that she was using him). But darned if the way he’s trying to cover his emotions doesn’t leave us thinking maybe, just maybe, he had genuine feelings for the minx!

Speaking of Sheila, she can’t help but worry about the fact that Brooke’s emotional appeal seems to be working on Bill! 

Could those Friday scenes have revealed the truth about what’s going on with Bill? We think that might be true… and here’s why.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, January 24:

In Tuesday’s recap, Deacon grills Sheila about Bill, the reviews come in on Forrester’s designs — without Thomas in the mix — and Thomas shares an idea with Paris as to how he can save the day.

hope review bb

When Sheila swings by Il Giardino to see Deacon, she might be in for a heck of a shock. It turns out the place has a new owner… her good pal!

Hope’s fashion preview went pretty darn well a few weeks back…. but now she’s anxiously awaiting the line’s reviews. (Should she be worried about what’s next, now that Thomas has been forced out of the company?)

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, January 25:

In Wednesday’s recap, Thomas makes a request, Hope panics, and Deacon grills Sheila.
Deacon B&B

Hope has an idea about what’s next for her fashion line… but it might be a hard sell where Forrester’s big wigs — in particular Steffy and her grandpa, Eric — are concerned.

Will Deacon have any luck when he tries getting Sheila to confess her true motivations where Bill is concerned? And might he, during their conversation, show her a glimpse of his own true feelings?

Boom! A scene from the past tells us Bill’s playing Sheila — here’s why.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, January 26:

In Thursday’s recap, Steffy and Hope debate giving Thomas a second chance, and Liam and Finn discuss Douglas.
Douglas Finn B&B

Thomas doesn’t seem to have a whole lotta friends lately… and yet someone rather unexpected approaches Hope, singing her former designer’s praises and serving as their advocate!

As tensions flare between her and Brooke on-screen, ‘Sheila’ finds herself on the outside looking in — even off-camera!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, January 27:

In Friday’s recap, Bill asks Katie if she’ll take him back if he puts Sheila behind bars, Hope makes a decision about Thomas, and Finn confronts Sheila.
Finn Sheila B&B

Why Finn keeps popping up at Il Giardino, we’ll never know. (Call us crazy, but we’d never again darken the doorstep of a place where both we and our spouse were shot!) But this time, he gets an unwelcome surprise when he crosses paths with Sheila, leading to a tense encounter.

Just how far is Katie willing to go to protect herself and Bill from Sheila?

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