Spoilers for the Week of January 09, 2023

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It’s going to feel like Freaky Friday or something every day soon! In Soaps.com’s newest spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful from Monday, January 9, through Friday, January 13, things go from odd to odder as Brooke and Taylor start a new competition… to see which of them can play nicer, Sheila’s henchman recalls the good old days (there were some?), and Carter drops a bombshell that blows Katie and Brooke’s minds. What gives? Read on, and we’ll go over these spoilers and more!

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Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of January 9

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, January 9:

In Monday’s recap, Bill threatens Li’s medical career, Brooke and Taylor catch up, and Deacon visits Sheila.
Sheila Deacon jail B&B

Sheila’s day in court has finally arrived. Steffy and Finn find themselves continuing to freak out over Bill’s blackmail threat. (You’ll recall that if either testifies against Sheila, Bill will press charges against Taylor for having shot him several years ago.) As if Steffy wasn’t already on edge, things are ratcheted up a notch when Sheila issues another threat.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, January 10:

In Tuesday’s recap, Brooke and Taylor plan a girl’s night, and Sheila’s hearing ends with a shocking development!
Sheila guard B&B

Longtime viewers won’t be surprised to hear that Taylor and Brooke are once again having words. What they might not expect, however, is that this time, those words are kind as the war then engage in is one of compliments. (Could this be the show inching closer to a storyline which, when suggested, had many fans freaking out?)

As Sheila’s hearing continues, things take an unexpected turn when new evidence comes to light.

If the judge presiding over Sheila’s case looks familiar, there’s a reason: Not only has the actor appeared on the soap before, but his alter ego has a connection to several characters… including Bill!

Uh oh… *This* Bold & Beautiful character just landed in serious jeopardy — and is completely oblivious! What can be done?!?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, January 11:

In Wednesday’s recap, Sheila goes home to Bill’s place, Steffy comes unglued, and Taylor learns the truth.
Taylor stunned B&B

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Some people have an incredible ability to push aside the negative in favor of focusing on the positive. As it turns out, Mike Guthrie is one of those folks, as he spends today reminiscing about the good times he and Sheila had in the past!

If there’s one thing you don’t want to do when dealing with a guy like Bill, it’s underestimate him. But apparently, that’s exactly what Steffy and Finn did, because they’re shocked by Dollar Bill’s cunning move!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, January 12:

In Thursday’s recap, Brooke and Katie are aghast at Carter’s news, Taylor wants to turn herself in, and Sheila settles in at Bill’s.
Bill Sheila B&B

Carter shares a bit of info with Brooke and Katie. To say that the Logan sisters are confused by what he has to say might be an understatement!

Taylor finally finds out how her past has impacted Steffy and Finn’s current situation. How will the shrink react to the fact that Bill used her crime against them?

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Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, January 13:

Brooke and Katie are blown away  when Finn tells them the latest news about Sheila and her case.

In the wake of Sheila’s hearing, Steffy and Taylor find themselves sharing a special mother/daughter moment.

Beloved soap vet dead at 75: COVID claims the actor who created one of daytime’s most colorful baddies.

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