Spoilers for the Week of December 12, 2022

12/15/2022 11:05 am

Steffy Finn B&B

In Soaps.com’s newest spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful from Monday, December 12, through Friday, December 16, Steffy and Finn do their darnedest to follow Sheila’s nine-toed tracks, Deacon is cast in the role of reluctant henchman, Bill plays a broken record, and Brooke, Ridge and Taylor deal with the Brooke, Ridge and Taylor-ness of their all-too-familiar predicament. How does it all shake out? Read on for clues…

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of December 12

Sneak peek!! You won’t want to miss the Bold & Beautiful holiday photos in our new gallery.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, December 12:

In Monday’s recap, Sheila gets away while Steffy’s immobilized, Deacon panics, and Sheila vows the police won’t get her.
Sheila mirror B&B

They can’t possibly do worse than the police, can they? Steffy and Finn work together to track down prison escapee Sheila. But what, exactly, do they plan to do if they find her? Citizen’s arrest?

Peek inside the “family rivalries” that keep a Hallmark fave and her soap-star stepdad competitive over the holidays. Hint: You won’t want to miss who found the bigger Christmas tree!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, December 13:

In Tuesday’s recap, Deacon deletes the security footage, Steffy and Finn meet with Chief Baker, and Hope urges Brooke to consider her father over Ridge.
Brooke Hope B&B

It ain’t over till the crazy lady says it’s over. So Deacon races against time to do one more dirty deed for Sheila.

Hope encourages Brooke to set herself up for more pain and humiliation. Wait, we spelled that wrong. Hope encourages her mother to leave her heart open to love. That’s how Hope puts it.

Fugitive Sheila is officially on the run, which honestly is what she should have been doing since she managed to get out of jail after attempting to murder her daughter-in-law in cold blood.

Yellowstone Shocker! The show wouldn’t really kill off [Spoiler], would it?!?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, December 14:

In Wednesday’s recap, Ridge returns home to find Brooke and Taylor have banded together, and Steffy and Hope bicker.
Taylor Steffy B&B

Doctor, analyze thyself. Taylor gets into her feelings about her part in keeping Thomas’ secret. Maybe next she can offer Brooke her take on the way she recently stood up for herself. ’Cause it sure left us going, “Huh?” (Read why here.)

Eric practices tough love with Ridge. Sounds to us like waffles are coming off the menu at the Forrester mansion.

CBS Daytime previews magical moments, mistletoe kisses and a Christmas miracle this holiday season!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, December 15:

In Thursday’s recap, Brooke and Taylor give Ridge shocking news, and Steffy, Finn, Hope, and Liam debate.
Liam Hope B&B

Liam mediates Hope and Steffy’s hot-topic drama: Ridge, Taylor and Brooke. Because with Sheila on the loose, who doesn’t have time to holler at their stepsister!

From B&B to merry & bright, Katherine Kelly Lang celebrates the moppets making her Christmas grand.

Ridge learns that Brooke and Taylor have found common ground. Dare we hope that it will be marked “No Boys Allowed”?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, December 16:

Never having uttered the words, “Stop me if you’ve heard this one before,” Bill formulates a plan to win Katie back. Why does that leave us more afraid than excited? (Here’s the answer.)

Hope and Steffy interrupt an unforeseen celebration. Could their relatives be throwing a “Yay! Sheila’s Back Behind Bars!” bash?

It’s a girl! B&B drops a new child on ‘Lope’. Get the details within.

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– Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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