Spoilers for the Week of November 28, 2022

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Come for the wedding, stay for the free-for-all! In Soaps.com’s newest spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful from Monday, November 28, through Friday, December 2, Ridge and Taylor’s nuptials turn into a shocking scene that no one in attendance will ever be able to forget (even if they try… and trust us, they will!). By the time the dust even begins to settle, an epic showdown will have been served up, and yet another one will be right around the corner. And if you keep reading, you can pick up the toaster you bought the almost happy couple and get all the details on the train wreck of the year.

Here’s your Black Friday holiday gift guide for the soap fan in your life — and we’ve included some great Yellowstone, Heartstopper, Grey’s, Chicago Fire and Blue Bloods products too!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of November 28

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, November 28:

In Monday’s recap, Stephen comforts Brooke, and Steffy’s declaration leads to a confrontation at the wedding!
Ridge Thomas B&B

As the Logan family’s reunion continues, you can review their complicated history — and recall some branches that have been sawed off the tree — with our photo gallery that reveals who’s who. Or you can get a see photos from their latest get-together via this collection of images.

Here comes the bride… and also that iconic single tear! As Taylor’s wedding to Ridge begins, Brooke presses “rewind“ and “repeat” on the tape marked “aching for Ridge” in her heart.

Mind you, Brooke may want to keep a tissue handy, because since the episode also includes a sordid truth being revealed in an unexpected way, it seems likely that Thomas’ frame job is going to come to light. And if that happens, you can bet that pandemonium will erupt!

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood reveals the parenting hack that keeps her kids daydreaming — and this could help you too!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, November 29:

In Tuesday’s recap, Taylor demands to know if Ridge will marry her, Sheila warns Deacon, and Katie shares an update!
Katie Donna Brooke B&B

Called that one. Since an act of betrayal causes irreparable harm to a once-solid relationship, we’re going to assume that Ridge and Taylor’s wedding becomes more of an “I do not believe you did that, Thomas!” kinda event than a simple “I do” one.

Somehow left off the guest list — along with all of Ridge’s siblings — Sheila wields Deacon’s emotions like weapons as they while away the day squabbling about Taylor and “the one that got away,” Brooke.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, November 30:

Christmas came early CBS soap fans! You won’t want to miss these sneak peek holiday photos of all your Young & Restless faves!

This promises to be must-see TV of the first order. As the revelation of the awful truth leads to a fallout of epic proportions, might we suggest that Taylor hold tightly to this “Tridge” wedding album. It may be the nicest thing that she gets to take away from the day that she was going to become Mrs. Ridge Forrester again.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, December 1:

In Thursday’s recap, Brooke makes a declaration to Ridge, Finn warns Thomas, and Deacon needles Bill!
Bill bar B&B

The fur’s gonna continue to fly as Steffy and Thomas argue about the chaos that erupted in their family. We’d love to think that Thomas would have the sense not to play the blame game with his sister, but… this is Thomas we’re talking about here!

Talk about a role reversal! Realizing that for once he might have the upper hand with Bill, Deacon savors the moment by antagonizing his rival for Brooke’s affections.

Speaking of the sought-after blonde, Brooke makes a major decision about her future… one that we hardly dare hope will send her into the arms of not Deacon or Bill, or Ridge or Nick, but one of these handsome fellas.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, December 2:

Prepare for the word “awkward” to be redefined. For the first time since Hurricane Thomas swept through “Tridge’s” wedding, Ridge’s on-again/off-again wives comes face to face.

One phone call set this all into motion and now Matthew Atkinson reveals the devastating ways Thomas will be “paying” for his CPS deception.

Now this could be fun! Historically, Steffy and Thomas are as thick as thieves. But now she’s vowing that her brother will suffer some big-time consequences for his manipulations.

First look as Harry and Meghan’s real-life love story comes to the screen — fairy-tale wedding, royal pains and more… “No one sees what’s happened behind closed doors.”

The honeymoon ain’t over: Great news times three (!) for fans of Hallmark’s The Wedding Veil movies!

There’s no reason to wait till the last minute to get your holiday shopping done, not when Soaps.com has assembled a photo gallery of 30 perfect gifts for fans of The Bold and the Beautiful and more. Pull out your list and take a peek at ours!

Whether you’re looking forward to or dreading getting together with your relatives in the weeks to come, you can still spend some time with your soap favorites as you peruse our brand-new photo gallery full of family portraits of the most cantankerous clans in daytime history.

– Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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