Spoilers for the Week of November 14, 2022

11/17/2022 08:28 am

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In Soaps.com’s newest spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful from Monday, November 14, through Friday, November 18, Brooke and her sisters set out to find out if Thomas really is responsible for Ridge ditching his wife. But they’d better act quick, because by week’s end, Ridge will be preparing to make Taylor his bride!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of November 14

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, November 14:

In today’s recap, Ridge puts the pedal to the medal, Brooke puts Thomas on blast, and Douglas puts all the pieces together!

Thomas warms Douglas delete app bb

Having decided that there is something “evil” about Thomas — and fully convinced he’s somehow responsible for the end of her marriage, Brooke confronts her former stepson. Something tells us he’s about as likely to come clean as he is to stop daydreaming about Hope!

Ridge, having been single for six seconds, is ready to propose to Taylor. Want a sneak peek at the big moment? Here ya go!

Wait, that’s Zane?!? The son of Heather Tom grew by leaps and bounds when we weren’t looking!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, November 15:

In Tuesday’s recap, Brooke learns Ridge and Taylor are engaged, and Thomas pressures Douglas to keep quiet.
Thomas Douglas secret B&B

Ridge didn’t tell Brooke why he left her, so it should come as no surprise that she has to hear news of his engagement from Donna!

As Brooke weighs her options, Katherine Kelly Lang makes her grandbabies’ lives a beach!

How far will Thomas go to keep anyone from finding out that he was the one who called CPS?

Taylor, Steffy and Thomas seem on the verge of getting everything they want… but here’s why we’re pretty sure it’s all going to fall apart.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, November 16:

In Wednesday’s recap, Douglas stares daggers at Thomas, who flips out inside when Ridge snaps and reveals why he left Brooke!
Ridge Taylor Eric B&B

Ridge gathers his family — or at least one side of it — to reveal a bit of news. But what is it that has Thomas freaking out?

It ain’t over until it’s over — and there’s a montage — so get ready for Brooke and Ridge to say a final farewell. (Or is it just “until we reunite again?”)

Tanner Novlan shows off what it’s like to be a “dad on duty…” and we have to say, he did a pretty good job — and gave us a laugh or two!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, November 17:

In Friday’s recap, Steffy puts Ridge on the hot seat, and Katie questions Thomas’ connection to Brooke’s marriage ending.
Brooke Katie B&B

There’s a mystery to be solved, and the Logan girls are ready to band together in order to try and find the truth. Will they be able to bust Thomas before Ridge puts a ring on Taylor’s finger?

In the midst of Taylor and Ridge’s reunion and upcoming wedding, Krista Allen sends a message to “battered and bruised” fans of “Tridge.”

Steffy actually catches Ridge off guard when she asks a pretty significant question about Taylor… and Brooke!

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood shares a video of son Rise and his new friend that may “bee” the cutest thing you see all day!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, November 18:

In Friday’s recap, Carter overhears a shocking conversation, Douglas struggles with his secret, and Taylor prepares to wed Ridge.
Steffy Taylor B&B

Bold & Beautiful’s Ridge may be in for a shock on his wedding day… from the last person he’d ever expect!

The ink isn’t even dry on Ridge’s annulment papers, but that hardly matters because today’s the day he and Taylor are going to recommit themselves to one another. Will Thomas’ son spill the beans and stop the wedding?

A terrifying road rage incident leaves one Bold & Beautiful star in the line of gunfire.

Get a sneak peek at Ridge and Taylor’s wedding day in the new photo gallery below.

– Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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