Spoilers for the Week of October 10, 2022

10/14/2022 02:51 pm

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Relationships are changing before our eyes in Soaps.com’s newest spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful from Monday, October 10, through Friday, October 14. One minute, Ridge is announcing which of his favorite wives he’ll be sticking with, and the next, Sheila is pulling out all the stops to dazzle Deacon. (How about just… not attempted-murdering anybody for a while?) And in what may be the most shocking spoiler of the week, after Quinn’s fate is revealed, Katie makes a surprising move… perhaps in Carter’s direction? Read on for all of the details!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of October 10

B&B Opinion: Bold & Beautiful just laid the groundwork for an affair… or two!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, October 10:

In Monday’s recap, Brooke loses the race, Taylor makes her kids very happy, and Eric suggests Thomas not celebrate quite yet.

B&B ridge taylor aspen woods

When Donna gets into a heated argument with Thomas about family, you can guess which sides they’ll be taking.

How long is this flight? Determined to save her marriage to Ridge, Brooke is still en route to Aspen.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, October 11:

In Tuesday’s recap, Thomas confesses to making the CPS call, and Brooke demands answers from Ridge in Aspen!
Brooke Ridge Aspen B&B

Though Steffy worries about what Brooke’s arrival means for Mommy and Daddy’s reunion, we have a funny feeling that she doesn’t have to. Why’s that? Because also in this episode…

… as Brooke fights for her and Ridge’s love, he is overwhelmed by the magnitude of her betrayal. It’s almost as if he doesn’t remember all the times in the past that they’ve betrayed one another. Ridge, ol’ pal, we created a whole photo album to commemorate the messes you guys have made over the decades. Take a look.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, October 12:

In Wednesday’s recap, Ridge ends it with Brooke, Steffy rubs it in, and Sheila “sizzles” for Deacon.
Sheila Deacon sizzle B&B

Hoping to impress Deacon, Sheila makes a bold move. Mm-hmm. But if that move isn’t out of his hair, we don’t imagine he’s going to be super-wowed. Just sayin’.

As Sheila takes a big gamble, it’s a close shave for Sean Kanan: “Alright, let’s do it.”

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, October 13:

Hold up! Bold & Beautiful just teased a ‘[Spoiler]’ reunion, and it was so quick, we nearly missed it entirely!

Bold & Beautiful was pre-empted today for CBS news coverage of the January 6 hearings.

It’s been years since we’ve seen Steffy’s twin Pheobe but in the actress’ real-life — after her soap “death” — the alum tied the knot in spectacular fashion.

Heather Tom (Katie) shares heartbreaking loss: “We will love him forever.”

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, October 14:

Apparently, the dust is beginning to settle, because Ridge is able to give an important update to Steffy and Thomas about his relationships with their mom and Brooke.

When Bill asks Katie to look to their future, Katie gets honest with her on-again/off-again husband. Please let her response be, “Our future? What makes you think we even have one?”

Congrats! Daytime Emmy winner expecting Baby No. 1 with Big Bang Theory alum — view their gender reveal photos.

Mystery surrounds the return of a Bold & Beautiful troublemaker — and we have a couple of theories as to why he’s back, do you?

Keep an eye out! It’s all relative: Bold & Beautiful is bringing back a very familiar face.

As we enter the final quarter of 2022, join Soaps in paying tribute to the daytime vets that the year has already taken from us in the below photo gallery.

— Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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