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In Soaps.com’s newest spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful from Monday, September 5, through Friday, September 9, battle lines are drawn ever more deeply in the Forresters and Logans’ fight over Douglas’ living arrangements. In one corner, we have Steffy restating her desire to see her family reunited — especially Mom and Dad. In the other, we have Brooke issuing ultimatums and calling in reinforcements. That’s right! Donna and Katie are coming off of the sidelines! And in the middle of the melee, we have Liam, dear, sweet Liam, poised to say the wrong thing at any moment and make an explosive situation go kaboom. Sorry, we didn’t mean to make you tense! Read on and chillax with the details on these teasers and more…

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of September 5:

Bold & Beautiful Opinion: Hot topics: Why Sheila should have stayed dead, Quinn’s exit, the Douglas debacle, ultimatums ahead, and more!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, September 5:

In Monday’s recap, Taylor kisses Ridge, Brooke and Liam work on Hope, and Sheila creeps on Steffy and Finn.
Sheila watch Finn Steffy B&B

Here we go again! Taylor gets caught up in a moment of love and connection with Ridge. Brooke may have bought this explanation for the kiss in Monaco, but something tells us they used up their one and only free pass.

Sheila becomes disgruntled when Deacon accuses her of magical thinking. We’re going to assume he’s not pointing the finger at her for casting a spell on him but instead calling her out on her fantasies of reuniting with Finn. Of course, anything is possible on Bold & Beautiful so we came up with a Sheila plot so bonkers that it just might work!

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Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, September 6:

In Tuesday’s recap, Deacon stops Sheila from making contact with Finn, Hope and Thomas reach an impasse and Brooke rejects Ridge’s offer.
Brooke Ridge B&B

Eeny-meeny-miney-mo ain’t gonna cut it when Brooke and Taylor each demand that Ridge choose a side in the battle for Douglas. Of course, this could backfire for La Logan as we can’t imagine Ridge aligning with her to shoot down his son’s dream. Then again, destiny’s call sometimes seems impossible for the designer to ignore!

It looks like Deacon’s found himself working a second job policing his new roomie! Luckily, quick thinking is on his side when he intercepts Sheila’s brazen move toward Finn and Steffy. Something tells us it’s only a matter of time before she tries again, however, as the madwoman can never be reined in for long.

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Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, September 7:

In Wednesday’s recap, Hope notices Taylor and Ridge’s canoodling, Steffy gets snippy, and Liam questions his wife.
Liam questions Hope B&B

Based on history, and the fact that the man formerly known as Tofu Boy was recently complimented by Bill for “thinking like his father,” we have a pretty good idea how this will go: Liam offers his opinion of the situation when Hope is invited to a Forrester family dinner. We’re gonna guess it won’t be, “Go ahead! Have a great time with Thomas. I’ll wait up.”

Perhaps they’re huddled together after being left out in the cold, aka, excluded from the Forrester family dinner? Brooke confides in Liam that Taylor, Steffy and Thomas are conspiring against the Logans. Will Hope’s husband buy into the conspiracy theory? Our guess is he’ll invest in shares. (Also, OMG, could this be the start of this shockeroo of a storyline?!?)

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, September 8:

In Thursday’s recap, Hope breaks down, Taylor makes a heartfelt speech and Brooke shares her theories with Liam.
Liam Brooke hand B&B

We can’t believe there is anyone out there that is still unsure about her stance on this, but nonetheless, Steffy makes it crystal clear that she supports Ridge and Taylor reuniting.

Liam is stunned when Hope returns home from the Forresters without Douglas. Will this escalate fears perhaps created by Brooke’s pot-stirring? If so, might Hope’s usually hapless hubby take a page from dad Dollar Bill’s playbook to deal with the situation (and thereby make everything worse)?

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Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, September 9:

In Friday’s recap, Sheila creeps into Finn’s home, the Logan sisters support one of their own, and Brooke gives Taylor an order.
Brooke order B&B

Oh jeez, the big guns are coming out! The Forresters will doubtless go on high alert when the Logan sisters — Katie and Donna — band together to support Brooke. Or maybe they won’t… but it’s always nice to see the Logan ladies either way.

Has this ever worked before?!? Brooke demands that Taylor put an end to her shenanigans regarding Ridge. If you want an idea of how this sort of ultimatum has gone over in the past, all you have to do is page through our photo album of Brooke and Taylor’s fiercest showdowns — we didn’t title it “Fight Club” for nothing!
As the B&B alum’s Y&R character comes to a crossroads, Courtney Hope dials up inspiration: “There’s always an excuse, but… “

“Don’t tease us like that!” we cried when The Bold and the Beautiful (for starters!) flirted with, hinted at and sometimes even promised us new pairings… and then didn’t deliver. See if you, too, found yourself asking “WTH?” as you review the below photos of almost couples that never actually got to happen.

— Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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