Spoilers for the Week of August 29, 2022

08/31/2022 07:34 am

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Hope’s worst nightmare comes to pass in Soaps.com’s newest spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful from Monday, August 29, through Friday, September 2. Well, at least her worst nightmare since the one in which she pushed Thomas into a vat of acid or the one in which Liam mistook a mannequin for her and slept with Steffy. In other developments, an honest conversation could lead “Quarter” to make change, Brooke and Taylor engage in an unorthodox form of “art therapy,” and Deacon regrets that Sheila’s bat-guano-crazy plan didn’t involve her obtaining for herself a cloak of invisibility. Get into the nitty and the gritty of these teasers and more below…

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of August 29:

Photo preview! Brooke & Taylor’s messiest fight yet! Plus, their fight history in a new gallery!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, August 29:

In Monday’s recap, Deacon orders Sheila to pack up and go, Ridge’s blunt words stun Brooke, and Quinn and Carter share a romantic surprise.
Carter Quinn office B&B

Wow! See Bold & Beautiful’s Tanner Novlan and Kayla Ewell tear up the dance floor at a celebrity wedding and hang out with a cool US olympian!

What are the chances she’ll be a redhead with a waxy complexion? An uneasy Hope meets “the new woman” in Deacon’s life. Will she see through Sheila’s disguise? We sure hope not because his whole future is riding on it!

When Quinn and Carter get honest with each other during a romantic and sexy dinner for two, will things take a turn for the worse? Or will their ability to be candid only bring them closer together?

Leaving the CBS soap Rena Sofer gives ‘Queric’ fans a peek at her parting gift to the leading man who’s ‘like a glass of champagne.’

Bold & Beautiful makes a guest star of Kimberlin Brown’s daughter — and she’s the spitting image of mom!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, August 30:

In Tuesday’s recap, Hope and Steffy square off over Douglas, and Brooke and Taylor end up in a paint fight!
Taylor Brooke B&B

Shocker! Chicago PD Season 10: Who’s leaving, who’s staying, and who may end up in a legal battle.

Agree to… disagree? Steffy declares the rightful place of the Forresters to a resistant Hope. Why are we so sure that that “rightful place” isn’t going to be “with everyone who loves the Forrester in question” but very specifically “in the Forrester mansion”?

As their daughters bicker elsewhere, Brooke and Taylor take the high road, deciding to put aside their differences for Douglas’ sake. And if you believe that one, we’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn we wanna sell ya! What really happens is that a hysterical paint fight ensues between Ridge’s on-again/off-again wives.

Hallmark’s Sunday Chesapeake Shores preview: Drastic measures are taken as [spoiler] teeters on the edge — plus, one brother has exciting news while the other realizes he’s in over his head.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, August 31:

In Wednesday’s recap, Hope sheds tears as Thomas makes a request, Bill compliments Liam, and Ridge breaks up the paint fight.
Taylor Brooke Ridge B&B

Really?!? Bold & Beautiful’s exit for Rena Sofer’s Quinn is more shocking than we ever imagined.

Ruh-roh. It sounds like this situation is going to do nothing but escalate as Hope accuses Thomas of putting his own desires above the needs of Douglas. Right, Hope, because that sort of approach always cools off a discussion that’s getting heated.

Taylor and Brooke each state their case to Ridge after he breaks up their mischief. Side note: Why on earth would he break up their mischief? Do they run out of paint? Buzzkill.

Rena Sofer shares an open-hearted farewell to the leading man she’s “so proud of” and “going to miss” so dearly — plus, get a peek at the parting gift she dedicated to all the “Quarter” fans.

Bittersweet farewell! Chicago PD star reacts to shocking co-star exit — plus, what may be ahead for Hailey Upton.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, September 1:

In Thursday’s recap, Sheila shows up at Deacon’s work, Hope surprises Thomas, and Brooke and Liam agree on the Douglas situation.
Brooke Liam B&B

Disregarding Deacon’s desperate pleas — and the danger he’s put himself in — Sheila devises a new plan to see Finn. 1) We knew this was coming. 2) We’re not even sure why Deacon bothers to try and talk the madwoman out of anything — a she-devil’s gonna do what a she-devil’s gonna do, no matter how ill-advised it is!

Hope’s dad’s downfall seems set in stone, but will there be a plot twist in which Deacon sticks aroundand sticks it to Ridge?!?

Oh boy, Hope’s mom has recruited her favorite ally! Liam and Brooke fear that Thomas is using Douglas to manipulate Hope. Our question: What could Thomas possibly be angling to get Hope to do?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, September 2:

Well, it sounds like a move was made! Hope visits Douglas at the Forrester mansion to determine if Thomas is being truthful. Will she discover that the boy is happier than she ever expected? If so, will she drop her objections to the change in living arrangements? And even if she does, would Brooke be able to let it go?

And this week on The Odd Couple… Deacon had better get used to playing out this scenario over and over! He attempts to maintain his composure while blocking Finn and Bill’s view of Sheila.

Intrigued by the couplings on The Bold and the Beautiful? Wait till you meet the real-life significant others of the stars of primetime’s hottest soap, Yellowstone. They’re all in the below photo gallery.

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