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08/11/2022 01:28 pm

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Boom chicka wow wow! According to Soaps.com’s newest spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful from Monday, August 8, through Monday, August 12, when Steffy isn’t lighting into Li for letting her needlessly grieve for months, she’s making up for lost time with her hubba-hubba hubby. In other developments, Ridge can’t help but channel Hall & Oates, thinking back to his capital-M Moment with Taylor and humming, “Your kiss is on my list of the best things in life.” Plus, Thomas has an ask of Hope that sends her spiraling. How will it all play out? Read on for the deets…

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of August 8:

Hot Topic: Steffy and Finn are finally back together… but is what comes next going to be a let down for their fans?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, August 8:

In Monday’s recap, Steffy and Li square off, Hope shares her mistake with Liam, and Ridge lets Brooke know what he thinks about the selfie.
Brooke grimace B&B

If only they had frequent-flyer miles for flip-floppers! Finding himself in an all-too-familiar position, Ridge struggles with complex emotions involving Taylor and Brooke. Guess he’s a “grass is greener” kinda guy. No wonder he managed to spark one of, if not the most memorable Bold & Beautiful rivalry of all time.

We knew this face-off was coming, and here it is: Steffy confronts Li for all of the pain she caused in hiding the truth that Finn was alive. We know the doctor had her reasons, but whew, it’s gonna be a tough sell when it comes to her son’s “widow.”

Krista Allen previews the aftermath of that game-changing ‘Tridge’ kiss — plus, who smooched who there?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, August 9:

In Tuesday’s recap, Steffy and Li argue, Brooke questions Ridge, and Taylor makes a confession.
Taylor confession B&B

Is this going to end with yet another of Finn’s mothers banned from the household?! Steffy and Li argue about the latter’s decision to keep Finn from his family.

Uh-oh. “I can’t stop thinking about the kiss” just might become the newest entry in the ultimate soap opera drinking game, as Taylor and Ridge think back to the heartfelt smooch they shared in Monaco.

Hallmark’s Chesapeake Shores Season 6 will premiere this Sunday and we have a preview of what’s ahead as Connor’s fate is revealed following last season’s big cliffhanger.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, August 10:

In Wednesday’s recap, Ridge struggles emotionally, Hope and Liam make love, Taylor makes an admission, and Steffy and Finn passionately reconnect.
Steffy Finn kiss sex B&B

Bold & Beautiful Preview: Brooke and Ridge’s next challenge may be too much for even destiny to overcome!

Oh, yeah, “the kiss” will become a new tagline for sure: Steffy and Taylor share a mother/daughter moment as Taylor confesses that she and Ridge locked lips. We can’t help but wonder if the world-renowned psychiatrist’s daughter will make sure a certain blonde stepmother finds out about the illicit smackeroo. (Yes, we’re talking about you, Brooke!)

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and her character aren’t afraid to walk on the wild side — the actress shares a video from a *very* Steffy night on the town!

Turn up the TV and break out the fans! The electricity between Steffy and Finn is palpable as they passionately make love. Hubba hubba!

Fans rejoice! A much-missed Grey’s Anatomy vet finds “the way home” to our screens in a new multigenerational drama.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, August 11:

In Thursday’s recap, the Forresters hear un-bear-able news about Sheila, and Thomas’ request leaves Hope reeling.
Douglas B&B

In a move that some Bold & Beautiful fans have been waiting ages for, Thomas discusses the possibility of Douglas moving back in with him with Hope and Liam. The question is, will his request be met with outrage and opposition… or compassion and compromise? We’re gonna guess “outrage and opposition,” given that that would be the perfect set-up for big drama between families.

It may not be “liberty biberty,” but here’s why things are going ‘sarong’ for Tanner Novlan.

Deputy Chief Baker must be on summer vacation, as Detective Sanchez gives the Forresters an essential update on Sheila’s whereabouts. We just hope the new information he passes along doesn’t include the words “Deacon Sharpe” and “aiding and abetting”… eep.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, August 12:

In front of her mom and Thomas, Steffy urges Ridge to return where he belongs, with Taylor. This sounds on brand for the brazen brunette, who has never backed down from her insistence that her father would be happier and more at peace with her mother. She wasn’t able to convince him before, however. Will this time be different?!

Aw, these are the father/daughter moments we always longed for! Deacon consoles an upset Hope, giving her confidence that Douglas will remain with her. Should he really be saying that, though? And ooo, are we gearing up for a custody battle?!?

Former soap fave Jason Shane Scott reveals that he’s picked one wife to love!

Calling all Grey’s and All My Children fans: Former Grey’s Anatomy sweethearts are getting a surprising reunion — and you won’t want to miss the drama this time around!

Check the status of all of your favorite Bold & Beautiful couples in the below photo gallery.

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