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07/21/2022 02:20 pm

Finn bed B&B

Looks like it’s do-or-die time for Finn! In Soaps.com’s newest spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful from Monday, July 18, through Monday, July 22, as Ridge presses Mike Guthrie for intel on Sheila, the madwoman and her “late” son engage in a battle that could put one or the other of them in the grave for real! Plus, Hope presses dad Deacon a little harder than might be wise, and Bill shares an update on his relationship status with Katie. Wait, do they even have a relationship at this point? Get all the deets below…

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of July 18:

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, July 18:

In Monday’s recap, Ridge apologizes to Hope, Mike makes a shocking suggestion to Sheila, the Spencer men do lunch, and Taylor opens up to Deacon.
Taylor smile Deacon B&B

It sounds like Mike will see the light where Sheila’s concerned as he turns on her and argues that it’s time for her to turn herself in. Is there any chance that the bonkers brunette will actually listen to her right-hand man instead of the voices in her head? Or will her downfall come from the last place she expected?

How often does commiseration turn to love (or at least attraction) on soaps? Quite a lot actually! Will that be the case when Taylor throws caution to the wind and shares with Deacon her feelings about Brooke and Ridge? We kinda hope so — and it seems Krista Allen and Sean Kanan are shipping “Dealor” too!

Her life in pictures: As the daughter of Tanner Novlan and Kayla Ewell turns 3, look back on memorable moments, from precious firsts to “Sunday snuggles.”

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, July 19:

In Tuesday’s recap, Finn rips out his IV in a bid to escape Sheila, and Mike faces a grilling from Ridge and Brooke!
Mike Baker Ridge Brooke confront B&B

Bombshell! Bold & Beautiful’s Quinn and Carter’s joyous reunion headed for trouble?

Laying it all on the line to save his own life and get back to the woman he loves, Finn pleads with Mike to throw Sheila under the bus and help him escape. The question now is whether Mike will risk his own life by double-crossing one of the scariest women in soaps!

Oh snap! Ridge and Brooke put the pieces of the puzzle together for Baker about Mike Guthrie. We’ll admit we’re not completely surprised, as we saw the light bulb go on in this preview when Brooke made the connection between Sheila and the guard.

Katherine Kelly Lang gets a little “help” with a messy situation — and it was all caught on video.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, July 20:

In Wednesday’s recap, Finn ain’t buyin’ what Sheila’s trying to sell him, Ridge and Brooke do some interrogating, and Hope hears something that makes her gag.

Finn holler B&B

Gah! So cute! See Bold & Beautiful’s Tanner Novlan holding his newborn son in the first shot we’ve seen of them together.

These two just keep on bonding — and we’re loving it. Hope provides comfort to Deacon about his trauma before gently questioning him about Sheila. But will Hope’s ill-timed grilling break the spell and send a disillusioned Daddy Dearest out the door?

Sheila’s latest reign of terror comes ever closer to its inevitable end when Ridge grills Mike Guthrie about his relationship with the escaped fugitive in the police interrogation room. Will Sheila’s sidekick give up the goods so Finn can be found by his father-in-law and reunited with Steffy?!

Hallmark’s Chesapeake Shores returns for a sixth and final season next month and we have your first preview! It appears that Abby has made her choice — and the lucky guy is [spoiler].

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, July 21:

In Thursday’s recap, Steffy’s not doing so hot, Finn gets bad news, and Bill makes a shocking discovery — Li’s alive!

taylor, ridge, thomas take call about steffy bb

In what might one of the most dragged-out “Will they or won’t they?” scenarios that ever unfolded on a soap, Bill confides in Wyatt about his current relationship status with Katie. Might they finally be back together? Or will we learn that the duo has called it quits for good?

Presumably still a captive audience, Finn is stunned as he listens to Sheila describe what she did to Li. Will the outrage burning in his heart after the reveal give him the strength to overpower his captor/mother… or even to kill her?! Given the way this story has been structured, there doesn’t seem to be any other way out. (See what we mean here.)

Adrienne Frantz (ex-Amber) shares an impossibly sweet photo that tells us everything we need to know about how her 20-week-old is doing after his “really scary” health crisis.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, July 22:

This doesn’t sound good: Taylor and Ridge learn concerning news about Steffy’s current state of mind. We’re guessing it’s been harder than she thought to process the sudden and shocking loss of her husband — at the hands of his own mother!

Powerful scene alert! Finn verbally lets loose on a distraught Sheila before pulling himself out of his hospital bed. Her crimes are clearly spurring him to overcome his limitations — but will he have enough gas in the tank to free himself from her clutches once and for all?

Krista Allen finds a unique way to say what Taylor never has to Ridge.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of July 25:

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, July 25:

Wyatt and Liam share a brotherly bond while discussing Steffy, Hope and Bill. Whether the Spencer brothers agree or disagree on the matters at hand, there’s one thing that’s certain — it will be an entertaining conversation!

Two steps forward and three steps back: As Finn fights for his life, Sheila subdues her enraged son with a hidden syringe. Now what will become of Steffy’s beleaguered husband?!

Check out familiar faces from Bold & Beautiful and all the soaps in the below gallery shining a spotlight on lovely then and now photos of Days of Our Lives alumni.

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