Spoilers for the Week of May 30, 2022

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Eric, Donna spoilers B&B

The times, they are a-changin’! In Soaps.com’s newest spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful from Monday, May 30, through Friday, June 3, Donna has a big ask of Eric, Carter comes clean about his true feelings for Quinn, and Brooke pulls out all the stops to reclaim Ridge. Not only that, but poor, beleaguered Steffy musters up the strength to say a crushing goodbye. Get the details on these spoilers and more below.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of May 30:

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, May 30:

In Monday’s recap, Carter stuns Quinn, Taylor makes an unexpected suggestion and Donna questions Eric.
Donna honey bed B&B

Well, this isn’t foreshadow-y at all: Carter worries to Quinn that Paris may interfere in her marriage to Eric. Little do they know the marriage may be on unstable ground already, what with the Forrester patriarch indulging in extracurricular activities of the, er, sticky variety with his ex-wife.

Knowing that Finn is alive really will put a different twist on being a viewer when Ridge and Thomas comfort an emotional Steffy over her lost future with her husband.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, May 31:

In Tuesday’s recap, Quinn goes off on Carter, Finn shows signs of life, and Donna gets her answer.
Donna, Eric hold hands B&B

When Quinn attempts to dissuade Carter from making a foolish move with Paris, is his ex-lover truly concerned that he’s about to make a mistake… or is she secretly hoping he’ll be waiting in the wings if she’s unsuccessful in luring Eric out of the ol’ Forrester guesthouse?!

The depth of Steffy’s despair at losing Finn leads her on a new path. Will Ridge’s devastated daughter pack up the kids and head out of town to get away from the constant painful reminders of her loving husband, or will she instead be walking a well-worn triangular path as she leans more heavily on Liam for support?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, June 1:

In Wednesday’s recap, Liam is shocked to learn Steffy’s leaving, Ridge comforts Taylor, and Thomas tells Hope he loves her.
Hope thomas love you B&B

Li urges Finn to fight for his life and get back to Steffy and Hayes. This will come as a relief to those who feared she somehow blamed her daughter-in-law for what had happened to her son. It looks like the desperately hopeful mom is merely protecting her grandson’s mom from the possibility of having to lose her love all over again. The question is, will her pleas be enough to awaken the sleeping doctor?!

If you have any tissues left after Steffy’s emotional meltdown last week, we advise you to have ’em at the ready when the heartbroken mom of two breaks down in Liam’s arms as she says an emotional goodbye. Apparently, she’s yet to review our photo gallery of characters who have cheated death. She might just see a familiar face in it.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, June 2:

In Thursday’s recap, Deacon rants about Ridge, Brooke finds Ridge with Taylor, and Carter can’t stop thinking of Quinn.
Quinn Carter love you B&B

A “Quarter” for your thoughts on this blockbuster development: Unable to contain his true feelings, Carter professes his love to Quinn. Yes, it seems the fit and fabulous Forrester COO is in for a “Quarter,” in for a pound! We’re here all week…

Welp, the peace accord struck between Brooke and Taylor oh-so-briefly in the office mere days ago has clearly unravelled completely as Ridge intervenes when the two women bicker. Is anyone out there surprised? We can’t say as we are; this is clearly the reason they’re featured in our gallery of Bold & Beautiful’s most unforgettable rivalries!

Even as she recuperates, Katherine Kelly Lang returns to work as Brooke — and she’s already on a roll!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, June 3:

Big news for Taylor fans — *this* is finally happening! Don’t miss Krista Allen’s hilarious explanation of what went wrong on the first two attempts!

Deacon offers Brooke reassurance after her failed attempt with Ridge. Something tells us the con who loves her might have more than just comforting words to put forward… but will the blonde be able to take her eyes off the prize that is “destiny” long enough to notice?

Count the honey bottles! Donna takes Eric on a trip down memory lane before making a stunning request. Uh-oh… has the patriarch’s vivacious ex-wife and lover decided she’d like to be his current wife again?!

As a daytime fave’s new movie debuts, a CBS soap’s loss could be Hallmark’s gain — permanently — plus, photos of 10 potential leading men for the Emmy winner.

My three sons: See Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and her boys doing what comes nature-ally.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of June 6:

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, June 6:

Was he really expecting this to go as smooth as honey?! Eric manages his entanglement with Donna while married to Quinn. Now, he has loads of experience dealing with these situations, but we’re not sure we ever recall him emerging from one unscathed. Queen Stephanie always caught him red-handed!

Never one to call it quits, La Logan may have to dig deep in the closet for a racy throwback from the Brooke’s Bedroom lingerie line when she surprises Ridge with a late-night visit and a plea to reunite.

As May sweeps comes to an end, we’re looking at Bold & Beautiful‘s winners and losers… and why Liam might just cause Steffy to lose her husband again!

Join Soaps in paying tribute to the beloved daytime alumni that we’ve lost in just the first half of 2022 in the below photo gallery.

— Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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