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Seems like old times in Soaps.com’s newest spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful from Monday, May 2, through Friday, May 6. Why’s that? For starters, because Quinn and Carter are revisiting the torrid love affair that turned both their lives upside-down (and could yet again!). On top of that, Liam is once more getting perhaps too close for comfort to Steffy, Brooke finds herself on the outside looking in at Taylor and Ridge’s intensifying bond, and Sheila’s got a gleam in her eye that we fear can only mean one thing: murder! Will Steffy manage to cheat death a third time? Read on for the deets on these spoilers and more.

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Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, April 29:

In Friday’s recap, Deacon gives Sheila good reason to want Steffy dead, Bill returns, and Steffy’s reunited with Hayes.
Bridget, Taylor, Ridge, Hayes, Steffy B&B

When Bill and Liam vow to get justice for Steffy, they could be inadvertently moving themselves to the top of Sheila’s hit list. Is it too late for them to have Deacon show them some martial arts moves? Speaking of Hope’s dad…

Deacon serves up well-intenioned words of comfort to a tortured Sheila. But will they have desired effect… or only serve to further unnerve the unstable woman?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of May 2:

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, May 2:

In Monday’s recap, Liam agrees to spend the night at Steffy’s place, and Hope frets to Brooke and Thomas about what she overheard at the hospital!
Brooke surprised cabin B&B

Having escaped Sheila’s villainous attempts to shut her up permanently, Steffy is joyously reunited with her children upon being released from the hospital. That said, it’s a good bet she’ll still have to deal with her deranged mother-in-law, even on her home turf.

It’s tough to be a do-gooder all the time! Consequently, Hope has complex emotions about Liam’s role in Steffy’s recovery. Will her husband be donning his flip-flops for a trip over to his ex’s house to give her a shoulder to lean on? Wonder why that’s such a problem? Take a look at the highlights of Hope and Steffy’s rivalry through the years, which mostly surrounded their waffling mutual love interest.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, May 3:

In Tuesday’s recap, Thomas and Brooke react to Liam spending the night at Steffy’s, Liam supports his ex, and Eric is revealed to be having an affair with Donna!

Given their history, it will come as a surprise to exactly no one that Brooke and Thomas have conflicting reactions when Hope attempts to rationalize Liam’s actions. Wow, perhaps we were right and Dudley Do-Right really is moving in with Steffy!

Yep, we were right — at least in part. Get ready for a serious case of déjà vu when a fragile and emotional Steffy leans on Liam for support. Wouldn’t her parents be, you know, the smarter, safer, saner choice to see her through these dark days?

We are saddened to report that a beloved daytime vet has passed away at the age of 48: “Even in her last moments, she was still fighting.”

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, May 4:

In Wednesday’s recap, Eric cozies up to a lingerie-clad Donna as Quinn hangs with Carter, Hope questions Liam, and Brooke pines as, elsewhere, Ridge kisses Taylor!

Explosive! Bold & Beautiful’s next shake-up will blow up the canvas. Plus, take a journey through Quinn and Carter’s forbidden romance in the attached photo gallery.

Boy oh boy, nothing is going Brooke’s way this week! First, she had to deal with concerns that her daughter might lose her hold on Tofu Boy, and now Steffy’s tragedy draws Ridge and Taylor closer together. How will the frustrated blonde react? Or, given her usual M.O., perhaps we should be asking who she will turn to in her time of need.

Cue the sexy music! Carter and Quinn discuss their past and what drew them to each other. We have to wonder if the deep dive will lead them to revisit temptation — especially knowing that Eric’s been eschewing his marital bed in favor of spending nights in the Forrester guesthouse.

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Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, May 5:

In Thursday’s recap, Steffy’s memory is triggered when Sheila shows up expecting to see Hayes, and Paris stuns Zende by admitting she has feelings for Carter!
Zende reacts to Paris confession re: Carter B&B

It doesn’t sound like a winning strategy to us; in fact, it sounds downright dangerous. But you have to give Deacon props for even attempting to to reason with an irrational Sheila about visiting her grandson. Will he get through to his unhinged gal pal? Who are we kidding — of course he won’t.

You grab the popcorn, we’ll bring the “whine.” Cause that might be what we’re in for when Paris informs a stunned Zende that she is involved with someone else — Carter!

Guess which Daytime Emmy winner is dating Big Bang Theory alum Kaley Cuoco?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, May 6:

We’re not gonna lie, it’s refreshing to hear that someone doesn’t think that Paris is perfect, but when Quinn makes it clear to Carter that he can do better than Zoe’s younger sister, we have to wonder if she isn’t just a wee bit jealous.

Well, this sounds ominous: Steffy senses that something is off when Sheila arrives unannounced for a visit. Is the madwoman really there to see Hayes… or is she hoping for another shot at making the baby an orphan?!?

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