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Security! Security! Can somebody call security and fast, please, because in Soaps.com’s newest spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful from Monday, April 25, through Friday, April 29, an ever-more-unhinged Sheila decides that the time has come to tick “silence Steffy forever” off her to-do list. In other developments, Brooke and Hope assert to Liam that honesty is the best policy, Bill sets Poor Dead Vinny rolling over in his grave by vowing to see justice done where Steffy’s concerned, and Deacon means well but may soon learn the hard way that where people as unstable as Sheila are concerned, silence is golden. Get the deets on all of these teasers and more below…

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, April 22:

In Friday’s recap, Steffy’s memories begin to return under questioning, Sheila squares off with Ridge, and Taylor lays down the law.
Brooke, Taylor, Liam, Hope hospital B&B

Taylor stands her ground with Brooke and Hope about Steffy’s treatment. Erm, we can’t think why the Logans would have an opinion on this… unless it involves Liam staying glued to Steffy’s bedside. D’oh.

Well, this is terrifying: Sheila’s anxiety skyrockets as it seems like her shoddily constructed house of cards is about to come crashing down around her. As we all know, the madwoman is at her diabolical worst when she’s feeling cornered — what will her next outrageous move be?!?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of April 25:

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, April 25:

In Monday’s recap, Sheila stands menacingly over a sleeping Steffy and reaches for her IV bag, Quinn opens up to Carter, and Hope wants Liam to tell Steffy the truth.
Hope, Brooke, Liam hospital B&B

Why, this shouldn’t raise any red flags at all! Sheila intervenes when Ridge and Deputy Chief Baker push Steffy to remember. Mm-hmm, because nothing says, “I had nothing to do with it!” like a career criminal with homicidal tendencies getting in the way of an investigation of her own son’s death.

They’re not doctors, but they… Hey, wait. Hope and Brooke don’t even play doctors on TV. Yet the mother/daughter duo still team up to urge a conflicted Liam to tell Steffy the truth.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, April 26:

In Tuesday’s recap, Bridget gives the go ahead, and Steffy breaks down weeping as she remembers Finn… only to be told he’s gone.
Sheila, Steffy IV hospital B&B

Is Steffy under armed guard at all times? Because she oughta be! In a panic, Sheila decides to finish the job that she started — in other words, finish off Finn’s widow!

It’s times like these that the saying “The truth hurts” gets extra painful: Liam tries to be gentle, but there’s no easy way to break it to Steffy about Finn’s tragic fate.

When Calls the Heart preview: An old foe returns to Hope Valley — and Bill quickly puts a plan into motion to stop [spoiler] in his tracks!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, April 27:

In Wednesday’s recap, Sheila and Steffy share a moment, Brooke makes a request of Ridge, Sheila plots to kill Steffy, and Liam decides to step up.
Liam Hope hall B&B

As an emotional Steffy faces Finn’s death surrounded by her loved ones, you can go ahead and cry right along with her as you review our tear-stained photo gallery of the soap’s most impactful deaths of all time.

If Steffy only knew that Sheila was the reason that Finn is pushing up daisies and she herself might be next. But completely in the dark, Steffy shares a rare moment of sympathy with the increasingly desperate madwoman.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, April 28:

In Thursday’s recap, Hope worries about Liam stepping up for Steffy, an increasingly desperate Sheila promises she’ll be back after Liam turfs her out of the hospital room, and Brooke makes an appeal to Ridge.
Brooke appeal to Ridge B&B

Sounds like Steffy’s gonna dodge at least this bullet when Sheila’s evil plan gets thwarted in an unexpected way. Could she have an attack of conscience and decide to stop ruining people’s lives or, worse, ending them?

Raise your hand if you didn’t see this one coming: Hope worries about the connection between Steffy and Liam. But does she have reason to worry? Um, considering that he ran off, got drunk and had sex with his ex as soon as he saw Thomas necking with the Hope mannequin, we’re gonna go out on a limb and say yes.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, April 29:

When Bill and Liam vow to get justice for Steffy, they could be inadvertently moving themselves to the top of Sheila’s hit list. Is it too late for them to have Deacon show them some martial arts moves? Speaking of Hope’s dad…

Deacon serves up well-intentioned words of comfort to a tortured Sheila. But will they have desired effect… or only serve to further unnerve the unstable woman?

Why has Steffy’s grandfather been so scarce since Finn’s death and Steffy’s near-death? Let’s let John McCook (Eric) answer that question himself.

As summer draws ever nearer, draw vacation inspiration from Bold & Beautiful and all the soaps in our photo gallery of daytime’s most memorable getaways.

We don’t blame fans for holding out hope that Finn will somehow cheat death even now. Our updated photo gallery below of characters that have come back from the dead reveals that it’s not nearly as uncommon as you might think!

— Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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