Spoilers for the Week of April 18, 2022

04/21/2022 07:10 am

Taylor stand ground spoilers B&B

Taylor doesn’t come right out and tell Brooke, “If I wanted your opinion, I’d ask for it — and need to get my head checked,” but she might as well. In Soaps.com’s newest spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful from Monday, April 18, through Friday, April 22, the brunette lays down the law with her busybody rival. At the same time, a couple that was once too hot to handle plays with fire, Liam and Hope tempt fate by trying, in their own ways, to help Steffy, and Sheila adjusts her GPS. Where is she going? Possibly to — gulp — “a new extreme.”

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, April 15:

In Friday’s recap, Ridge is stunned speechless when Taylor leaps to Sheila’s defense, and Steffy can’t remember the shooting.
Thomas, Sheila, Ridge, Taylor B&B

Ridge vows to bring those responsible for hurting his family to justice. Which makes total sense. Who or what could possibly stand in his way? “Hold my beer,” says fate. In the same episode…

Taylor makes a shocking statement about Sheila to Ridge. Will she have learned that the former Genoa City resident is responsible for the recent carnage? Or, more likely, will she simply have decided that, in light of Sheila’s heartbreak and their rooftop experience, they should give her a chance after all? Any way you slice it, though, this is gonna be troooouble!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of April 18:

Bold and Beautiful shocker may determine Steffy’s future… and Sheila’s!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, April 18:

In Monday’s recap, Quinn overhears Carter dumping Paris, and Sheila snaps at Deacon when he offers comfort.
Sheila, Deacon hospital B&B

Carter gets committed to doing the right thing, which can only mean pushing Paris to tie the knot with Zende as her mother lobbied for so fervently. Will he also sign on to perform the ceremony because — let’s be honest — the man officiates Forrester weddings like it’s his second job. Heck, maybe even his first one!

Tormented over her guilt, Sheila lashes out at Deacon. Will she take it one step further and decide to use the reformed con as a fall guy if the walls start closing in on her latest sampler platter of heinous crimes?!?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, April 19:

In Tuesday’s recap, Brooke senses trouble, Sheila eavesdrops, Steffy stuns Liam by calling him her husband, and Quinn and Carter confess their feelings!
Carter, Quinn miss you B&B

Calling all “Quarter” fans! Quinn and Carter take a walk down Memory Lane… which is bound to be relatively short, given that they weren’t together for a long time. It was, however, most definitely a good time they shared. We can’t help but wonder if throwing back to their steamy past will give rise to unresolved feelings between the Forrester CFO and his boss’ wife.

Move over, Sheila! Rena Sofer will soon be ‘making havoc’ as Quinn.

When Steffy stuns Ridge and Liam with a shocking comment, will she reveal that Sheila took Finn’s life and shot her in cold blood, or will her mind-boggling remarks indicate that something almost equally concerning is afoot with her recovery?

Hallmark blazes a new trail for itself — and viewers — with a groundbreaking love story that promises to be a real work of heart.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, April 20:

In Wednesday’s recap, Quinn makes an admission to Carter, and Liam decides to let Steffy believe they’re married.
Liam, Steffy amnesia B&B

Liam steps up to help Steffy in her darkest hour, which is unlikely to go over well with the “Sinn” fans who got “Steam”-ed over flashbacks to their romance in the wake of Finn’s untimely demise.

Our suspicions may have been correct: Carter gets Quinn to make an admission about her feelings. Should we be worried about Eric? Probably not. As we well know, if his marriage to the brunette schemer falls through, Donna is waiting in the wings to pick up the proverbial pieces and stick them back together… with honey!

Bold & Beautiful star explains why a key character was conspicuously absent from Steffy’s bedside.

All My Children vet Walt Willey shares a health update and sends a message to his fans “at this critical moment.”

Katherine Kelly Lang issues a ‘cuteness overload’ warning as she drops a series of adorable photos of her grandkids.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, April 21:

In Thursday’s recap, Brooke battles with Taylor, Ridge has a suggestion for Sheila, and Steffy’s thrown for a loop when she sees Kelly!
Kelly, Steffy B&B

We can’t imagine why Brooke would be inserting herself into this situation, but then it’s not the first time we’ve asked ourselves that question. What could possibly be going on when Ridge and Taylor argue with the blonde about Steffy?

Recast alert! Bold & Beautiful recasts Steffy and Liam’s daughter Kelly.

This sounds like a plan that could backfire spectacularly. Hope gently attempts to ease Steffy back into reality. What could possibly go wrong? Take a look at our retrospective on Hope and Steffy’s longtime rivalry and see for yourself!

Former All My Children beauty joins Hallmark faves in new premieres featuring a road trip romance, high school rivals and adorable rescue pups!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, April 22:

Chicago Fire Shocker: The looming threat that could turn Violet and Chief Hawkins’ worlds upside-down!

Taylor stands her ground with Brooke and Hope about Steffy’s treatment. Erm, we can’t think why the Logans would have an opinion on this… unless it involves Liam staying glued to Steffy’s bedside. D’oh.

Well, this is terrifying: Sheila’s anxiety skyrockets as it seems like her shoddily constructed house of cards is about to come crashing down around her. As we all know, the madwoman is at her diabolical worst when she’s feeling cornered — what will her next outrageous move be?!?

When Calls the Heart preview: Everyone comes together to help [spoiler] as a threatening presence lurks in Hope Valley!

As Steffy walks the road to recovery, revisit highlights of her storied life in the below photo gallery.

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