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Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful know all too well that the only thing more dangerous than Sheila in a good mood is Sheila in a bad one. And in Soaps.com’s newest spoilers for Monday, April 4, through Friday, April 8, the supervillain is thrown into the tizzy of all tizzies as her recent machinations come ever closer to becoming common knowledge. Will Deacon be able to talk her off of a metaphorical ledge? Will Taylor come to regret getting mixed up anew with her onetime “killer”? Read on, and we’ll get into both the nitty and the gritty…

Hot Topic: Bold & Beautiful pulled the ultimate fake-out, and seems to be heading to the last place anyone really wants it to…

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, April 1:

In Friday’s recap, Sheila aims a gun at Steffy after shooting Finn dead. Ridge has news for Taylor.
Steffy, Finn dead B&B

Unbeknownst to Sheila, her troubles go from bad to worse when Ridge warns Taylor to keep her distance from the madwoman. Doesn’t he realize they’re BFFs?

When Sheila becomes enraged at Steffy after learning that Finn knows the truth about her despicable deed, it can only end in an attack of some kind. Whether it’s verbal or physical is all that remains to be seen. Hide the weaponry!

Behind the scenes footage: Watch Katherine Kelly Lang and Thorsten Kaye make the best of a prop that just won’t pop!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of April 4:

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, April 4:

In Monday’s recap, Sheila shoots Steffy, Taylor and Ridge discuss Sheila, Bill and Liam talk about Steffy, and Deacon reels upon finding a bloody scene.

Dollar Bill doles out advice to Liam about having families with Steffy and Hope. We can only imagine what sage wisdom he’ll have to impart on the subject of having feelings for two women who are related… ’cause we’re not sure he has that one figured out yet!

Thomas becomes increasingly anxious as he listens to Ridge and Taylor discuss Sheila’s mental health. Will he go off to confront her and find his sister in peril?!?

Peek inside beloved Bold & Beautiful alum’s heaven on earth as her former home goes up for sale at $8M.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, April 5:

Chicago Fire Crisis! Violet and Chief Hawkins face the consequences of their illicit entanglement!

Deacon freaks when he comes across an unexpected situation at Il Giardino. Gee, do you suppose that could have something to do with the Sheila/Steffy showdown that began last week? Or is the restaurant just running short on bread sticks?

Fearing her dirty deed will come to light and she’ll be exposed as the outside force that broke up “Bridge,” Sheila begins to unspool. Because her behavior up until now has been that of a totally spooled person, sure. (Hey, she’s done worse, as you’ll see in this photo gallery of her life of crime.)

Sometimes a change is good: Former Bold & Beautiful fave reveals that he’s making a big career detour.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, April 6:

In Wednesday’s recap, Sheila’s stunned to learn Steffy’s still alive, Brooke, Liam and Hope are told about the shooting, and Steffy’s family urges her to fight.
Taylor, Ridge, Thomas, Steffy hospital B&B

Deacon does his best to comfort a frantic Sheila. But can anything calm down the madwoman when she’s so worked up about the likelihood of everyone discovering the havoc that she’s wrought? Maybe a bread stick would help?

Oh no! We were warned the Bold & Beautiful twist would change everyone’s lives… find out what may be in store for Deacon as the hits keep coming.

Brooke’s intuition shifts to overdrive when she reveals to Hope and Liam that she knows an external force is at work. If you were considering starting a drinking game in which you did a shot every time she mentioned an external force, might we suggest that you… um, not do that?

When Calls the Heart preview: [Spoiler] worries as chaos is about to erupt in Hope Valley!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, April 7:

In Thursday’s recap, Li refuses to let Sheila see Finn, and Liam, Hope and Brooke learn that Finn is dead.
Deacon bad news Liam Hope B&B

Putting their marriage to the test! Bold & Beautiful’s Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger took a relationship quiz and their answers may surprise you.

It’s hard out there for a psycho. Today, Sheila becomes upset when Li rebuffs her notion of being a mother to Finn. Apparently, it didn’t occur to the maniac that her history of violence and deceit would make her an undesirable parental figure.

When Ridge, Taylor, Thomas and Steffy rally together as a family, it can only be against Sheila, wouldn’t you think? The question is, with her fuse already burned down to next to nothing, how will she react if the walls close in any tighter around her?

Buckle up! Bold & Beautiful star Jacqueline Wood teases ‘twists and turns’ still to come ahead of her maternity leave.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, April 8:

Wasn’t dying twice enough, Taylor? Clearly not, because she tempts fate by trying to diffuse the tension between Li and Sheila. The shrink might as well try to make besties of Brooke and Quinn!

Intriguing: Ridge makes a heartbreaking request of Steffy. What ever could that be?

Check out the below photo gallery of suspects in what we predict is about to be a “Who killed Sheila?” murder mystery.

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