Spoilers for the Week of March 21, 2022

03/24/2022 07:41 am

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Break out the bubbly! The Bold and the Beautiful turns 35 this week. And in Soaps.com’s newest spoilers for Monday, March 21, through Friday, March 25, we lay out the soap’s plan to celebrate not only this momentous occasion but Brooke, too. We’ll also discuss how badly Sheila and Thomas need to enroll in a Scheming for Beginners class and reveal which twosome gets all boom-chicka-bow-wow.

Something to Talk About: Anybody else notice that last week’s episodes featured some pretty major plot holes and more than a little nonsense? Join us for a closer look… 

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of March 21:

Congratulations! Bold & Beautiful alum Adrienne Frantz shared beautiful photos of her newborn son, Killian, after suffering complications.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, March 21:

In Monday’s recap, Steffy follows Thomas and witnesses his encounter with Sheila, Finn surprises Sheila, and Deacon crosses paths with a Forrester.
Deacon, Steffy B&B

Oh, the irony! Finn surprises Sheila with a surprise visit and a shot at redemption… just when she’s blown any chance she ever had of wiping the slate clean by pushing Brooke off the wagon and making Thomas take a vow of silence about it!

Speaking of Thomas, Steffy decides to get to the root of her brother’s recent odd behavior instead of just being glad that he’s no longer macking on Hope or loving on a mannequin. Take the win, sis!

A soap vet turns up on CBS daytime this week — plus, learn why the actress left her former frontburner role on an ABC soap.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, March 22:

In Tuesday’s recap, Brooke flashes back to Stephanie’s verbal smackdowns before imploring Ridge to come home. Plus, Sheila challenges Thomas, Eric gives his two cents and Steffy tells Finn what she saw!
Finn, Steffy dubious look B&B

Don’t miss this Bold & Beautiful star’s romantic montage for his wife — and hers for him — as they celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary!

While Steffy secretly watches from afar, Sheila engages in what has quickly become her favorite pastime: intensely urging Thomas to keep quiet about her interference in his family’s lives. You’d think a veteran schemer like Sheila would know better than to do that sorta thing out in the open, and yet…

Don’t miss out! Bold & Beautiful offers fans a chance to score the next best thing to a gossip session in the Forrester Creations break room.

Whoa. Now this promises to be a Very Special Episode. Brooke validates her regret over losing Ridge by recalling past moments with his mother, Stephanie — the same Stephanie who went from declaring her the Slut From the Valley to becoming an unlikely friend and parent figure.

Katherine Kelly Lang shares a heart-melting photo of her daughter and granddaughter that reveals how much they all look alike.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, March 23:

In Wednesday’s recap, Ridge stuns Brooke after she pleads with him to fulfill their destiny and be with her, Taylor questions Thomas, and Steffy and Finn make love.
Finn, Steffy kiss B&B

On the day The Bold and the Beautiful celebrates the 35th anniversary of its debut, Thomas is torn between being honest with Ridge and keeping his newfound family together. C’mon, bro, do the right thing and show us all that you’ve learned from past mistakes!

After Finn sets up a romantic bedroom scene for Steffy, they play a rousing round of Wii bowling. Just kidding. Of course they make sweet love!

As Ridge and Brooke struggle to find their way, they are overcome by emotion. Will he admit that he was hasty in pulling the plug on their marriage? Will she suggest anew that they give it the ol’ college try once more?

Bold & Beautiful is heading for a major twist. And while we still don’t know what it is, we do know at least one thing that it definitely isn’t. Get the confirmation here.

As One Life to Live fave scores a plum part, his former leading lady/real-life wife cheers him on: “Go, baby, go!”

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, March 24:

Bold & Beautiful was pre-empted today by a presidential address.

When Calls the Heart teasers: [Spoiler] hands out a major warning when trouble finds its way to Hope Valley —plus, there’s a surprising fugitive in the mix!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, March 25:

In honor of its 35th anniversary, The Bold and the Beautiful is teeing up a special standalone episode dedicated to Brooke and five of her true loves. Fan favorites and former cast members Jack Wagner, who played Nick Marone from 2003-12, and Winsor Harmon, who played Thorne Forrester from 1996-2016, return for the occasion, which also puts front and center John McCook (Eric), Don Diamont (Bill) and Thorsten Kaye (Ridge). Well, and Katherine Kelly Lang, too — but since it’s a Brooke-centric episode, you knew that, right?

Former soap heartthrob and When Calls the Heart fave spring into love for Hallmark’s new movie lineup featuring romantic rendezvous and lovable rescues.

As the soap reflects on its 35 years, we’re doing the same with Brooke, remembering her wild life and many loves in the photographic tribute below.

— Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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