Spoilers for the Week of March 07, 2022

03/10/2022 07:29 am

Paris appeal to Carter B&B

In Soaps.com’s newest Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, March 7, through Friday, March 11, Deacon runs to the rescue, Sheila — unsurprisingly — just can’t help herself from sharing her triumph over Brooke with someone, and Grace causes chaos as she interferes in Paris’ love life. Will the truth come out about her extracurricular activities with Carter? Read on to find out what will go down and to discover which couple will share a heart-wrenching moment!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, March 4:

sheila and thomas talk at the cliff house bb

In today’s recap, Sheila gives Thomas a strong warning after he realizes she was behind Brooke falling off the wagon and Bill makes his opinion known regarding Brooke and Ridge!

What did we tell Sheila about loose lips sinking ships? It was that loose lips do sink ships, dang it! Yet during her intense squabble with Thomas, the blabbermouth accidentally slips up. Could this be the first step toward her diabolical plot blowing up in her face?

Nobody needs to ask Dollar Bill for his two cents. He’s perfectly happy to voice his opinion about Ridge and Brooke to Wyatt and Liam. Why do we suspect he won’t be too torn up about the dressmaker’s wife swap?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of March 7:

In the preview for this week’s episodes of Bold & Beautiful, Ridge is stunned when Brooke decides to let him go!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, March 7:

In Monday’s recap, Sheila pressures Thomas to keep quiet, Ridge demands answers, and Deacon supports Brooke.
Deacon comfort Brooke mansion B&B

Chicago PD’s chilling twist! Why Burgess and Ruzek may decide to give up Makayla if they find her alive!

Hmm. If Ridge and Thomas share a warm father/son moment today — and they do — it probably doesn’t involve Junior disclosing the gaffe that Sheila made during their fight. Chances are, he’s content just knowing that his longtime detractor is out of Daddy’s life… at least for now.

When Deacon provides comfort to an anguished Brooke, will it come in the form of a shoulder to cry on… or a pair of lips to kiss? That’s always a risk when these two get together — and hey, she’s got nothing left to lose, eh, Ridge?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, March 8:

In Tuesday’s recap, Sheila warns Thomas to keep quiet, Taylor sets a boundary with Sheila, and Zende puts Paris on the spot in front of Carter.
Ridge hug Taylor B&B

When Zende puts Paris on the spot in front of Carter, things get awkward with a capital A. How will the Forrester foundation’s wonder girl handle the designer’s pointed questions knowing that she just made love to the company COO all over his loft?!?

Stunned by Sheila’s implication, Thomas demands the whole truth. Will the devious darling cop to pushing Brooke off the wagon and indirectly causing her liplock with Deacon… or will she try to talk her way out of the hole she’s managed to dig herself into?

Movie sex symbol reveals what happened when he auditioned for a soap — opposite his brother’s fiancée, no less: “I stunk up the room so bad, I didn’t even get a call back” — plus, view a gallery of 68 stars who got their start on soaps!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, March 9:

In Wednesday’s recap, Sheila confesses all to Thomas, Ridge visits Brooke, Paris and Carter have sex, and Grace urges Zende to take action.
Zende, Grace advise B&B

Chicago Fire searches for its “missing piece” as Stella brings on a new recruit. Plus, a new paramedic is set to appear as well!

Grace meddles in Paris’ love life by encouraging Zende to act quickly. Um, do we really think that’s going to help his cause? At this point, the Buckingham babe seems to have set her sights firmly on ab-fab Carter.

Well, it sounds like Sheila is reveling in that hole she dug herself into as she takes great delight in revealing her dastardly deed against Brooke to Thomas. It’s bound to be a lightbulb moment for Thomas, who may shatter his mother’s newly rekindled dreams of love with his father by feeling compelled to expose Sheila’s handiwork.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, March 10:

In Thursday’s recap, Brooke tells Ridge she’ll give him a divorce, Grace urges Zende to propose, and Carter and Paris declare their love.
Carter, paris express love B&B

Not the same! Bold & Beautiful star Annika Noelle unpacks the changes in Hope 2.0 and reveals the one way she’ll never be like her character!

Well, good luck with this now that she’s had a taste of all his considerable man charms! When Carter attempts to convince Paris that she belongs with Zende, will his efforts be futile? We’re gonna go with “yes.”

Brooke makes a shocking decision about the fate of her marriage to Ridge. Funny, how this will come about right after she receives support from none other than her former bad-boy lover, Deacon. Things that make you go, “Hmm… ” Or not, if you remember her history of bouncing between beaus like she was in a pinball machine.

When Calls The Heart teasers: Nathan suffers from amnesia, doesn’t remember Elizabeth and asks, “Who are you?”

Soap hunk-turned-Hallmark hottie drops more than $7m on Brooke Shields’ house — take a peek — plus, look inside the homes of 27 of your favorite daytime stars!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, March 11:

thomas cliffhouse bb

Well, it’s pretty clear what Brooke’s stunning declaration must have been, as she and Ridge and share a heart-wrenching moment. Taylor, it sounds like he’s all yours!

Oh, this will be fun! Grace flips out when she finds Paris at Carter’s loft. We’re not sure why she’s treating her grown daughter like a teenager, or trying to force her into what amounts to an arranged marriage with Zende, but we’re here for the chaos that’s bound to ensue.

Rena Sofer fires up ‘Quarter’ fans with a question — how would you answer?

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