Spoilers for the Week of January 31, 2022

02/02/2022 07:22 am

Steffy questioning look B&B

In Soaps.com’s newest Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, January 31, through Friday, February 4, anything could happen when Ridge gets up in Deacon’s grill and starts throwing warnings around. Meanwhile, Carter finds himself dealing with an unexpected threat, and Steffy indulges in a little detective work with help from an unlikely accomplice. Find out what she’s getting into and who begins to spiral out of control in the teasers below.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, January 28:
Deacon in deep thought B&B

In Friday’s recap, Douglas reveals he saw who Brooke kissed, Sheila gets Deacon to spill, and Grace catches Paris with Carter.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way… and Sheila may just have found it when she watches from afar as Hope and Deacon discuss his night with Brooke. Will the madwoman manage to get close enough to overhear the details? Brooke had better hope not!

This kid has stumbled onto more damning information since he returned to Los Angeles from New York than most of us do in a lifetime. Now poor Douglas struggles to keep Brooke’s secret, but will he manage to keep a lid on the blonde’s latest betrayal… or is it destined to come spilling out?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of January 31:

This week, Steffy gets the information she needs to break up Brooke and Ridge’s marriage. Watch a Bold & Beautiful preview video of what’s to come!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, January 31:

In Monday’s recap, Steffy’s stunned by Douglas’ story, Ridge pays Deacon a visit, Grace confronts Carter, and Sheila congratulates herself.
Sheila plot B&B

Photo gallery! As her new romance on Young & Restless heats up, Courtney Hope celebrates a Bold & Beautiful anniversary as Sally Spectra.

We’re not sure it’s such a good idea for Ridge to poke this particular bear, given there are things he doesn’t know that can hurt him. Nonetheless, the Forrester bigwig issues Deacon a dire warning.

It’s a bit of a full-circle moment when Douglas recounts the story of Brooke and Santa Claus to a stunned Thomas. Perhaps it’s finally the designer’s turn to pass a little judgment on his stepmom.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, February 1:

In Tuesday’s recap, Grace threatens Carter with blackmail, Deacon needles Ridge, Steffy sees a way forward, and Zende confides in Katie.
Katie Zende office B&B

Carter is caught off guard when Grace confronts him about kissing Paris. How will he handle the sticky situation with the meddling mom? It can’t be any worse than having to discuss his affair with Quinn with Eric, can it?

Oh dear… Ridge taunts Deacon and demands answers. We have to wonder if he’ll very soon be very sorry he pushed the con’s buttons and got some “answers” he was not expecting!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, February 2:

In Wednesday’s recap, Steffy plans to expose Brooke, Grace doubles-down on her threat to Carter, and Ridge tells Brooke he went to see Deacon!
Brooke alert B&B

Congratulations! Bold & Beautiful’s Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger welcome second daughter, and the first precious photo and details are inside!

Carter becomes conflicted when Grace threatens blackmail. Will the usually affable executive stand up to the momster and defend his feelings for Paris, or will he bow out and back down?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Having already declared war on the Logans, Steffy sees an opportunity to reunite her parents in Douglas’ story.

Hallmark’s latest Aurora Teagarden premiere takes viewers on a chilling murder investigation inside of a haunted mansion — plus, two exciting real-life casting twists!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, February 3:

In Thursday’s recap, Steffy enlists Charlie’s help to get proof of Brooke’s betrayal, Carter romances Paris, and Ridge visits Taylor.
Taylor hair B&B

Chicago Fire Twist! An eagerly awaited return could ignite trouble for Brett & Casey. Get the details!

Eep, lock up the vodka! We have to wonder if the cat — well, the much-discussed secret kiss — is out of the proverbial bag when Hope attempts to keep Brooke from spiraling out of control. Here, we actually have something that might help.

They’re an unlikely team, but whatever works, we suppose! Steffy utilizes Charlie to corroborate Douglas’ account of New Year’s Eve.

“It was such a tragic end for him.” That, it was. Join Soaps.com in paying tribute to a charismatic soap star on the rise taken from us by AIDS at just 43 years old.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, February 4:

thomas Charlie steffy proof deacon stayed brooke's bb

In today’s recap, Steffy and Thomas get the proof they need against Brooke then stun Taylor with their findings — plus, Brooke panics and Carter shocks Paris.

Carter and Paris have a heart-to-heart about where their relationship is headed. Will the co-workers decide to go public with their romance despite the growing opposition, or will they elect to call it a day and create a situation where they are instead pining for one another on the sly?

Are we seeing a preview of his future when Ridge takes comfort in Taylor’s company even as Steffy plots to bring Brooke down? We’d better make some room for the next wedding in our scrapbook of Taylor’s life and times (which you can flip though below).

Repeat after us: Here are the five lines nobody on Bold & Beautiful ever needs to say again, because we’ve heard them so many times we know them by heart.

— Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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