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In Soaps.com’s newest Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, January 24, through Friday, January 28, one mother makes a shocking confession that spins her daughter’s world on its axis, while another decides it’s a good idea to meddle in her offspring’s love life. Spoiler alert: It never is a good idea. Meanwhile, a certain cutie-patootie tells what seems to be a strange story as he struggles to keep a huge secret. When will the people in Douglas’ life learn to take that kid seriously? After all, he exposed the truth about Phoebe/Beth! Anyway, keep reading to find out whose candid conversation a very determined Sheila will zero in on and imagine what the consequences might be…

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, January 21:
Taylor embrace Ridge B&B

In Friday’s recap, Brooke comes clean with Hope, Paris and Carter make a decision and Taylor ends up in Ridge’s arms!

It’s the moment of truth when Hope begs Brooke to confess to anything that may have happened to make her drink. Will her guilt-ridden mother confess to kissing her father and helping him off the wagon on that fateful night?

Steffy’s been urging her mom to fight for Ridge. But should both women move on instead of dwelling in the past? Here’s what we’d rather see than another war between the Logans and the Forresters.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of January 24:

Shocker! The Bold & Beautiful twist that would bring Taylor to the dark side – and Brooke’s worst fears to fruition!

This week on Bold & Beautiful, Ridge questions Douglas about what he saw on New Year’s Eve.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, January 24:

Hope Liam exchange look B&B

In Monday’s recap, Liam finds out a shocking secret, Douglas is grilled (again), and Taylor’s kids hope for a reunion.

Paris wants to have her cake and eat it, too, and obviously thinks Carter should be serving it up! So the younger Buckingham sister balks when the Forrester COO puts the brakes on their smoldering passion. Could it be pal Ridge’s warning about getting involved with women who are already in a relationship that makes him think twice? Or just, you know, common sense and/or experience?

Hope is shocked by a guilt-ridden Brooke’s torrid confession. We’re not sure why, at this point, anyone would be shocked by the blonde bombshell copping to kissing out of turn, but her daughter clearly wasn’t expecting to hear that her mother was snogging her dad over the holidays!

Attention Hearties! When Calls the Heart season 9 preview: Stars reveal new emotional storylines and fresh faces — plus, how Hope Valley is moving into the future!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, January 25
Grace B&B

In Tuesday’s recap, Grace demands answers from Paris, Douglas shares his worries with his dad’s family, and Brooke flies into a panic when she learns Douglas is with Ridge!

What could possibly go wrong?! Concerned about her daughter’s relationships, Grace meddles in Paris’ love life. Something tells us the Forrester Foundation go-getter might be tempted to pull the welcome mat out from under her mother’s feet after this move.

Brooke is worried when she learns that Douglas is with Thomas. And so she should be. After the way she judged her stepson so harshly, if the young designer gets wind of her kissing someone other than his dad, he’ll undoubtedly waste no time in filling in Ridge on the deets. Meanwhile, one fan’s tweet managed to sum up a whole week’s worth of storyline, and we’re here to celebrate it.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, January 26:
Grace Paris office talk B&B

In Wednesday’s recap, Katie grills Carter, Paris makes an admission to her mother, and Hope makes a frantic call on Brooke’s behalf as Douglas tells a funny story to Thomas, Steffy and Ridge.

Chicago Fire shocker will bring heartbreak to Firehouse 51 – and open the door for several possible exits!

Well, it looks like Brooke’s worst fears have come to fruition as Douglas tells a confused Thomas, Steffy and Ridge a strange story. But will they put two and two together and realize that the Santa Claus that Grandma was kissing was actually a Santa Con — and none other than Deacon Sharpe?

When Brooke loses Ridge again — and let’s be real, we can all read the writing on the wall — she’s not going to have nemesis Taylor to blame… or Sheila… or Deacon. And obviously, Douglas won’t be at fault! He’s just a kid! No, the person at whom she’ll have to point the finger is none other than… Well, you’ll see when you read our story on exactly this topic.

On an alum’s momentous soap anniversary, the stage is perfectly set for a big return.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, January 27:
Brooke question B&B

In Thursday’s recap, Sheila tries to listen as Hope grills Deacon about Brooke, Liam questions Deacon’s agenda, and Ridge urges Brooke to move on.

Bold & Beautiful alum Courtney Hope opens up about ‘shifting focus’ and the affect it’s had on her life.

Let the wailing and gnashing of teeth begin! Liam urges Hope to express her feelings about her parents kissing. But might she surprise him by deciding she’s happy about it and hopes they get back together? After all, Ridge did rub her the wrong way, what with threatening to kick her off the property and all.

On a singular mission to destroy the blonde who had the audacity to vow to keep her out of her son’s life, Sheila relentlessly pushes an annoyed Deacon for information about Brooke. Will he crack under the considerable pressure or continue to protect his so-called lady love? If you ask us, he’s got a lot to make up for; here’s why.

DVR alert: Hallmark’s second trilogy premiere — The Wedding Veil Unveiled — takes Emma on a romantic adventure of a lifetime!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, January 28:

On-screen reunion! Bold & Beautiful nemeses ‘Deacon’ and ‘Rick’ are getting back together and it sparked a brilliant idea. Get the details inside.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way… and Sheila may just have found it when she watches from afar as Hope and Deacon discuss his night with Brooke. Will the madwoman manage to get close enough to overhear the details? Brooke had better hope not!

This kid has stumbled onto more damning information since he returned to Los Angeles from New York than most of us do in a lifetime. Now poor Douglas struggles to keep Brooke’s secret, but will he manage to keep a lid on the blonde’s latest betrayal… or is it destined to come spilling out?

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9-1-1speeds’ into the 90s when it returns in March. Plus, updates on Chimney and Maddie, and changes to the 118.

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