Spoilers for the Week of November 22, 2021

11/24/2021 09:32 am

Thomas spoilers B&B

In Soaps.com’s newest Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, November 22, through Friday, November 26, Thomas takes a shot with — you guessed it — another woman who is already spoken for, and Finn reels after learning that he’s been lied to his entire life. And in lieu of the traditional Forrester Thanksgiving dinner at Eric’s house, smaller celebrations ensue. Find out which two characters will spend the holiday indulging their fantasies by reading the detailed teasers below.

Meanwhile, check out the burning questions we had after last week’s episodes of not only Bold & Beautiful but the other daytime and primetime soaps, too!

Really?!? Fans are coming in hot as Grey’s Anatomy teases a new romance between *these* characters. Plus, Maggie’s return and when the next new episode airs!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of November 22:

Facing a life-changing surgery! Bold & Beautiful’s Rena Sofer and Annika Noelle’s rescue pup Bear’s journey continues.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, November 22:
Paris, Thomas chance B&B

In Monday’s recap, Finn’s rage leaves Jack sobbing, Carter and Zende talk love, and Thomas makes a declaration to Paris!

Yellowstone preview! Kelly Reilly teases Beth going off the deep end, plus, we debate if she finally went too far in that insane scene in the store.

After making a romantic gesture toward his roommate Paris, Thomas follows up by catching her off guard with a true confession. This can only be that he’s mad for her, but what on earth will she do with this information? After all, she’s dating his cousin, with whom they just happen to work. Awkward! Perhaps Matthew Atkinson is right in thinking Thomas should expand his dating horizons.

The hits keep coming for Finn as the heartbroken and furious doctor learns of his father’s deception. Will he ever be able to forgive his dad for lying to him for his entire life?! Perhaps this betrayal will be what finally turns Steffy’s husband to the dark side, because we all know that as Sheila’s son, he has to have one!

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood drops joyful baby bombshell — she’s pregnant again: “Our dreams are coming true.”

View a heart-melting photo of Jacqueline MacInnes Wood’s adorable home security system.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, November 23:
Paris confide Carter B&B

In Tuesday’s recap, Sheila wants to join forces with Jack to get their son back, Steffy supports Finn, and Paris confides in Carter.

If you thought Sheila was being genuinely helpful when she advised Jack to be honest with Finn, we promise you’re wrong. In what should come as a surprise to absolutely no one — at least no one who is familiar with her demented history (chronicled here) — the she-devil uses her babydaddy’s pain and disappointment to her advantage.

Shaken, Paris reveals Thomas’ proclamation to Carter. Here’s hoping he takes this opportunity to point out how judgmental she was about his situation with Zoe and Quinn and to remind her that things can become very complicated very quickly in matters of the heart. Especially if you happen to work at Forrester Creations!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, November 24:
Liam, Hope, Deacon's dream B&B

In Wednesday’s recap, Brooke and Ridge host their families, while Deacono and Sheila fantasize about their perfect Thanksgivings.

Brooke and Ridge host a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for Steffy, Finn, Hope, Liam, Carter, Paris and Zende. It looks like Thomas didn’t make the cut, which is probably for the best if he’s pining for his cousin’s girlfriend.

As Sheila and Deacon eat Chinese food in her hotel room, they lament how they’d be spending the holiday with their kids if not for the pesky Forresters. Separately, Deacon and Sheila fantasize about their perfect Thanksgiving holiday with their family. Now, that oughta be fun!

Kimberlin Brown reveals the identity of Sheila’s surprising soulmate: “He loved her unconditionally.”

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, November 25:

Bold & Beautiful will air a repeat of Steffy and Finn’s wedding, which originally aired on August 6, 2021. While you contemplate RSVP’ing yes or no, scroll through some of the gorgeous portraits taken at the wedding of the year.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, November 26:

Bold & Beautiful will be pre-empted for CBS Sports. But you can still get your fix by reviewing highlights of Steffy’s life and loves. Or if you’re not getting enough Bill on screen — and is there such a thing as “enough Bill”? — you can flash back through his outrageous history here. Or if you’re still hungry after Thanksgiving, feast on a smorgasbord of the soaps’ all-time greatest love triangles.

Wanna keep your relationship ship-shape? Take a tip (or 10!) on how from some of your favorite stars. In a brand-new photo gallery, cast members from all the soaps share their practical romantic advice. Take a peek here.

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