Spoilers for the Week of November 15, 2021

11/18/2021 02:00 pm

Douglas, Thomas spoilers

In Soaps.com’s newest Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, November 15, through Friday, November 19, amorous twists and turns are afoot all over Los Angeles as Eric is on the receiving end of a confession, Carter stumbles upon a concerning scene, and Li learns the devastating truth her husband has been keeping from her — which means life is about to get even more complicated for Finn and Steffy! Find out who will make an unexpected romantic gesture and who will play Cupid by reading the full teasers below…

Hot Topics: Hope finally stood up for herself and we are totally here for it. Plus, just how dumb was Finn’s latest move?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of November 15:

Bold & Beautiful star Matthew Atkinson lets loose on Thomas’ confounding storylines and his ‘new’ mama, Krista Allen weighed in!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, November 15:
Finn, Steffy cliff house B&B

In Monday’s recap, Sheila urges Jack to come clean with Finn, Brooke urges Eric to quit Quinn, Quinn shares with Carter, and Steffy learns Finn saw Sheila!

Rather than let Eric choose his own spouse, Brooke argues with her ex-husband/father-in-law that Donna, not Quinn, is his perfect match. And though they say the heart wants what it wants, the heart hasn’t likely met anyone quite as convincing as Brooke when she sets her mind to something. Will she be able to convince the Forrester patriarch to pull a wife swap?

With visions of happy families dancing in her head, and Deacon refusing to play ball, Sheila presses Jack to divulge the secret that he’s been keeping to Li and Finn. Will the chips that will go flying in the chaos we know is going to ensue as a result of his inevitable confession fall in the she-devil’s favor? Or will they only hasten what we’re certain will be the deadly climax of this storyline.

Preview: How Quinn’s true confession may spin her into a new love triangle… and land her in an unholy alliance!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, November 16:
Jack concerned B&B

In Tuesday’s recap, Quinn lays it all on the line with Eric and ends up in tears, Steffy supports Finn, Katie and Carter build each other up, and Jack prepares to come clean!

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Oh, here we go, folks. Carter admits to a flattered Katie that he’s ready for what’s next in his life… which can only be a relationship with her. Will this pair ride off into the sunset or find themselves confronted with one or more obstacles, which may or may not go by the names Bill and Quinn?

And there it is… Quinn and Eric’s relationship shifts after she makes a true confession, which it’s fairly safe to assume is the humdinger she kept under wraps when they reconciled — she’d been with Carter all along and professed her love to him. Yep, this, combined with Brooke’s pressure for Eric to reunite with Donna, could very well spell the end of this marriage (again!) and leave Quinn scrambling to salvage her relationship with Carter just as he’s decided to date Katie! (If only the show had gone the way that we hoped it would way back when… )

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, November 17:
Quinn, Zende favor B&B

In Wednesday’s recap, Li is horrified when Jack confesses to his affair with Sheila and warns Finn may never forgive him! Also, Thomas is envious and Zende asks Quinn for a favor!

When Zende calls upon Quinn’s expertise for the perfect gift for Paris, we’re assuming she’ll design him a piece of jewelry and not point him to the herbal concoction she gave Zoe to upset her sister’s stomach on her first big date with the designer. That would be mean, and frankly, with cutie-patootie Douglas now angling for dad Thomas to get with Paris, Zende is going to need all the help he can get.

When Jack makes a shocking revelation to a devastated Li, she is undoubtedly going to learn that the man she loves had a baby with psychopath Sheila and kept the secret of Finn’s paternity his entire life!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, November 18:

In Thursday’s recap, Finn is gobsmacked to learn that Jack and Li know the identity of his birth father, Zende confides in Hope, and Carter interrupts Thomas and Paris.

Betrayed and heartbroken, Li demands that Jack come clean to Finn. Will her husband agree to do so or refuse out of fear that he’ll lose the son to whom he’s always been so close due to his hurtful lies?

When Carter interrupts an awkward moment between Paris and Thomas, will he be too polite to remind her of how harshly she judged him for cheating, considering that she’s in a serious relationship with Zende?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, November 19:

Paris is floored when Thomas makes a surprising romantic overture. Color us skeptical, but how floored can she actually be in light of the eyes they’ve been making at each other? Maybe she’s just surprised that he’s putting on the moves when she’s dating his cousin?!

It’s the moment of truth as Li puts Jack on the spot in front of Steffy and Finn. Already torn up over Sheila’s return to his life and all the drama his mother’s presence entails, how will the doctor cope with yet another body blow? Will the news that Jack is his biological father send Finn into a tailspin that will have him turning his life as he knows it upside-down?

As Eric ponders his marital future, find out what John McCook thinks of his character’s past and present loves by checking out this photo-filled interview with the veteran actor.

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