Spoilers for the Week of November 08, 2021

11/11/2021 09:54 am

Katie spoilers B&B

In Soaps.com’s newest Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, November 8, through Friday, November 12, Katie (don’t do it) shows her (don’t do it) Judge Judy side (don’t do it) to Carter, Hope draws a line in the sand where Daddy Dearest is concerned, Brooke’s destiny with Ridge is imperiled anew, Liam is forced to do his least favorite thing ever (make a decision), and Sheila’s lunch date serves up food for thought. Intrigued? Just wait until you really dive into this week’s spoilers…

In this week’s soapbox, a special guest columnist who’s neither special nor a guest crowns the show’s new smartest person, marvels at the heat generated by a couple of exes, dissects an odd, odd date and rings up HR on Donna’s behalf

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of November 8:

What?! Rocker Jon Bon Jovi revealed *this* soap is helping him get through quarantine after contracting Covid. Hear his message to fans inside.

In a preview of what’s to come on Bold & Beautiful, Hope wants Deacon in her life, but Liam vows to protect his wife no matter what.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, November 8:
Katie sorry Donna B&B
In Monday’s recap, Brooke defends Deacon to Ridge, and Katie unleashes on Quinn!

It’s a mother/daughter throwdown the likes of which we rarely get to see between these two when Hope forces Brooke to face her past. Better get comfy; this could take a while!

Heartbroken, Donna reveals to Katie that Eric banished her from his life and Forrester Creations at Quinn’s request. Er, demand. We have a hard time believing that either of Donna’s buttinsky sisters will let this stand, and just wait until Pam gets wind of it. We hope for Quinn’s sake Stephanie’s sister is taking her meds!

It’s official: The soap has to recast Zoe now — and here’s why…

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, November 9:
Quinn, Katie spar B&B
In Tuesday’s recap, Hope fumes and Brooke glares after Ridge forces Deacon to leave, Douglas puts Paris on the spot, and Katie and Quinn spar verbally!

Omg this photo! Two Bold & Beautiful stars saved the life of a puppy with a broken leg and we can ‘Bear’ly deal!

Trouble in paradise? It sure seems so as Ridge explodes when Brooke defends Deacon’s presence. Could “destiny” be about to be derailed yet again?

When Douglas catches Paris off guard by asking a personal question, will he put his dad’s new roommate on the spot regarding her feelings for the single parent? Perhaps the cutie patootie is noticing their long, lingering glances just like we are!

In front of Carter, Katie and Quinn verbally spar about Mrs. Forrester’s many misdeeds. Will the broken-hearted Forrester financier defend his former lover or knock her for a loop by siding against her with the Logan sister with whom he’s been holding hands? If so, cue Quinn’s head exploding in 3, 2…

Fans may be mad! Shonda Rhimes talks Grey’s Anatomy’s inevitable end and we question if Meredith will find true love again.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, November 10:
Brooke ultimatum from Hope B&B

In Wednesday’s recap, Hope demands Brooke accept Deacon or her family will move out of the cabin. Plus, Zende pushes Thomas to move and Steffy grills Paris!

Eek! It sounds like things are taking a turn for the ugly as Hope defiantly reminds Ridge that Deacon, not he, is her father. We have to have her back on this one. In fact, it was Ridge’s half brother Nick who wanted to adopt her as a youngster, not the dressmaker.

Look at Hope go! Brooke is stunned when her daughter gives her an ultimatum about Deacon. There’s the missing spine we were so worried about that we wanted to send Hope to a specialist!

Gasp! Are Chicago Fire’s Stella and Severide headed for a break-up?! Find out what we know, and when the show next airs!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, November 11:

When Ridge hires Justin for another job, it’s to get the goods on Sheila and Deacon. Eep! Will he get the 411 on “SheCon’s” fake romance… or will he end up on the wrong end of the she-devil’s wrath for poking around in her business? (Wonder if she still has that beekeeper’s getup… )

Continuing her “my way or the highway” tour, Hope shocks Liam with her decision about Deacon’s role in their lives. Will her declaration leave the husband and wife at an impassable, er, impasse? Even if Hope is being boneheaded, shouldn’t Liam stand by her, given how many ill-advised decisions he’d made over the years? (Handily, we’ve compiled some here.)

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, November 12:

Liam is conflicted by Hope’s decision and request. Which you’d sort of expect, given that she’s rarely asked a whole lot of him aside from, “Saaay… do you think you could maybe, just maybe, refrain from sleeping with Steffy?”

Though Jack invites Sheila to lunch, he then hides when Finn arrives. This is likely a precursor to his secret being exposed, wouldn’t you think? Surprisingly, Finn still hasn’t asked Sheila who his biological father is. Are we the only ones who feel like it’s strange that he repeatedly remarks on being curious about his mother his whole life but seems ambivalent about the identity of his dad?

Speaking of Sheila, she’s running around like someone large and in charge. But given her knack for making enemies as quickly as she does threats, we wouldn’t be surprised if she wound up modeling the spring collection of toe tags. Who’s likeliest to do in the psycho? Here are our best guesses — and why they’d be the answer to the question of “Whodunit?”

Join Soaps in paying tribute to the soap-hopping leading man who was taken from us at just 44 years old by AIDS — only months after his co-star.

— Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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