Spoilers for the Week of October 04, 2021

10/07/2021 08:38 am

Paris, Zende Dodgers game B&B

In Soaps.com’s newest Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, October 4, through Friday, October 8, Steffy fears that Thomas is one step away from pulling out the Hope mannequin again, Paris hits a home run with the surprise that she drops on Zende, Liam does his damnedest to bring sexy back, and Sheila… Well, come on. What do you think Sheila does? She does what she always does — hatches a new plan! And if you read on, we’ll tee up the deets on these spoilers and more…

In memoriam: A heartfelt tribute to the stars that 2021 has taken from us. Look back on the roles that left a mark on daytime in our photo gallery.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of October 4:

Hot Topic: First Sheila, then Paris… is Steffy’s marriage about to face yet another threat? Plus, why Ridge and Brooke need to take every darn seat in the house!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, October 4:
Steffy and Finn visit cabin B&B

In Monday’s recap, Eric kicks Ridge out of his house after a huge yelling match, Hope sympathizes with Finn, and Sheila sends another text!

Hope offers Finn emotional support in his current dilemma with Sheila. Um, yeah, we’ve been down this road before, and it leads to one person or the other — or both — catching feelings. Are we headed for another round of Steffy and Hope’s legendary rivalry?

When Eric experiences an epic epiphany about his current situation, will he discover, as we suspect, that a woman other than his wife, Quinn, is able to entice his inner honey bear out of hibernation?

Darin Brooks (Wyatt) offers a glimpse inside his wife’s pregnancy: “At least,” she says, “I haven’t thrown anything at you — yet.”

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, October 5:
Thomas shake head Steffy B&B

In Tuesday’s recap, after watching Thomas with Hope, Steffy fears he’ll revert to old patterns, and Thomas issues an apology to Paris!

Even though it’s her husband, not her brother, who’s most recently been bending Hope’s ear, Steffy becomes concerned about Thomas’ feelings for the onetime object of his obsession. Could she be sensing that his fixation with Liam’s wife could be intensifying yet again?

Forgetting for a moment Paris’ infatuation with Finn, she gets her flirt on with Zende while he designs for the Hope for the Future line. Will the sparks flying give him new, um, hope for the future, too?

Bold & Beautiful’s Brooke is about to knife one of her sisters in the back again — can the Logans survive another betrayal?!?

When Calls the Heart fan favorite joins much-anticipated spinoff — but will Jack Thornton return from the dead?

Lifetime recognizes Breast Cancer Awareness month with a movie that hits close to home for its makers.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, October 6:
Zende, paris Dodger game B&B

In Wednesday’s recap, Thomas fixates on a woman other than Hope, as Paris surprises Zende at the Dodger game.

Making the most of the fact that he’s for the moment out of both the doghouse and prison, Liam sets up a romantic and passionate rendezvous for Hope. They’d better enjoy it, too, before he goes and does something that forces us to add to our roundup of all of his boneheaded decisions.

Paris and Zende are all but guaranteed to have a ball when she takes him on a date to Dodger Stadium. As a matter of fact, while they’re there, she delivers a big surprise!

Chesapeake Shores teasers: A distress call comes in before a plane goes missing — plus, [spoiler] receives a disturbing warning!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, October 7:
Hope, Liam, Deacon listen B&B

In Thursday’s recap, Brooke goes bonkers when Deacon shows up at the cabin and Hope makes an astounding admission! Plus, Thomas questions Paris and Steffy realizes someone’s in love!

Shocker! Bold & Beautiful’s Denise Richards was reportedly blindsided by a court ruling in her ex-husband Charlie Sheen’s favor!

No waffling where Zende is concerned: He makes it clear that he wants a future with Paris. But, given her attraction to Finn, can she commit to the dashing designer? And would he be so gung ho if Zoe were suddenly to show up back in L.A.?

When an unexpected visitor arrives in Los Angeles, there’s drama aplenty stashed in their luggage. The question is, whose lives will be turned upside-down by this character’s presence in their midst?

The Bold and the Beautiful’s new head-turning hottie is a familiar face!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, October 8:

ridge, hope, brooke, deacon, liam at cabin bb

In today’s recap, Sheila sets her sights on Deacon and reveals a new devious plan, plus Finn feels guilty and Hope takes a stand against her family!

When Sheila sets a new plan in motion to get in between Steffy and Finn, we have to wonder whether she took note of our recently hatched plot that would ensure that she gets everything that she wants. If so, is there any way for Steffy to safeguard not only Hayes but her gullible husband? Speaking of whom…

When Finn feels guilty for keeping a secret from Steffy, will he once again confide in Paris? Doing so might make her decision regarding a future with Zende even more complicated than it already was!

Liam’s past could catch up to him in a big way if, as Scott Clifton suggests in an exclusive interview, a significant figure from his history turns up in Los Angeles. Find out whom he has in mind — and how it would blow up the entire canvas!

— Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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