Spoilers for the Week of September 27, 2021

09/29/2021 10:10 am

Steffy spoilers B&B

In Soaps.com’s newest Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, September 27, through Friday, October 1, confessions are made and confrontations go down after Quinn and Carter are caught in the act! Plus, Steffy and Sheila square off, Finn confides in a blonde that isn’t Paris, and Sheila lands a new confidante who puts a fresh twist on her situation. Read on to discover who will bond with Eric and much more…

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Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, September 24:
Steffy, Finn kiss B&B

In Friday’s recap, Justin busts Quinn and Carter, Paris makes a move, and Sheila shows up uninvited!

Will the Forresters never learn? Cooking up yet another recipe for a disastrous misunderstanding, Ridge and Eric each keep a secret from the other. We know what the elder Forrester is withholding, but what could Ridge be hiding? Perhaps a Quinn and Carter sighting?! Maybe he doesn’t want to admit how much he likes the idea of Deacon Sharpe getting a shot at redemption?

She’s baaack! Sheila vowed, in several sinister-sounding speeches (made mostly to herself), that she would not be kept away from her son and grandson… and she makes good on those threats. Unsurprisingly, Steffy fumes when the Finn’s birth mother makes yet another unexpected visit. Forget baby-proofing the house, Steffy; you’ve gotta psycho-proof it!

Find out what we thought of the week that was as we weigh in on everything from the Logan sisters anointing themselves Eric’s protectors to “Quarter” forgetting that they’ve got the all-clear to have sex, not a fairy-tale romance, in a new Soapbox column.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of September 27:

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In the weekly Bold & Beautiful preview, Sheila’s visit pushes Steffy to her breaking point!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, September 27:
Justin report B&B

In Monday’s recap, Quinn implores Justin not to go to Ridge, and Steffy warns Sheila after physically blocking her from getting to Hayes!

Pass the popcorn and fill your glass, ’cause all hell is bound to break loose when Quinn and Carter find themselves busted! And you just know no one is going to believe them when they say that they have Eric’s blessing to canoodle!

Who will come out worse for wear when things quickly get volatile between Steffy and Sheila? Honestly, this could go either way, which makes it such a delicious showdown. We’re rubbing our hands in anticipation! Way to get us into the week, Bold & Beautiful!

Courtney Hope (ex-Sally) breaks her social-media fast to reach out to ‘my rock, my saving grace and my right hand’ on the most special of occasions.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, September 28:
Finn enter shirtless B&B

In Tuesday’s recap, Finn throws Sheila out of the cliff house, and Ridge demands Justin tell him if Quinn was unfaithful!

Sheila puts Finn on the spot when he halts her argument with Steffy. Will the good doctor have his wife’s back once again, or will he find himself back in the guesthouse with no air-conditioning, or worse yet, kicked entirely to the curb if he sides with his birth mother?!

Will Quinn and Carter reveal how Eric’s erectile dysfunction diagnosis led to them being back between the sheets together, or will they keep his secret hidden, when they attempt to do damage control?

Chesapeake Shores teasers: A secret from the past is revealed — plus, a mysterious package could be more trouble than it’s worth!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, September 29:
Quinn, Carter upset B&B

In Wednesday’s recap, Katie opens up to Eric about Bill, and Ridge and Brooke storm Carter’s loft after Justin confesses what he saw!

Eric and Katie bond while sharing an emotionally cathartic moment. Is this the beginning of more than just neighborly closeness, and if so, what on earth will her still-besotted sister, Donna, think of the unforeseen development? If you’re also interested in finding out what the Forrester patriarch thinks of his Logan exes, dive into our photo-filled interview in which John McCook dishes the deets on Eric’s former loves.

Ridge explodes when Justin reveals an upsetting truth (which can only be Quinn having sex with Carter). Are we headed for an extreme confrontation between Ridge, Carter and Quinn? Or will the fuming dressmaker run directly to his father with the so-called goods on his wife?

After a long, scandalous road… she’s back! When Calls the Heart spin-off returns for season two — with a huge soapy casting twist.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, September 30:
katie embrace eric B&B

In Thursday’s recap, Brooke and Quinn engage in an epic screaming match over Eric, and Eric comes clean with Katie!

Katie gains clarity when Eric divulges an intimate secret. Clearly, he’ll come clean about his issues in the bedroom, which could help the nosy neighbor to be a little more sympathetic toward Quinn’s position. However, we suspect if she finds out his wife agreed to be “fulfilled” by Carter, Katie’s new sense of understanding will go out the window faster than Eric did when Stephanie caught him in bed with Donna!

Ah, well, there’s our answer then! Ridge confronts Eric in front of Quinn about her adultery. We fully expect him to be astounded when he learns that his dear ol’ dad orchestrated the whole thing!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, October 1:
Finn hug Hope B&B

In Friday’s recap, Eric explodes and takes a stand when Ridge tries to throw Quinn out of his house, Sheila tries a new approach, and Finn opens up to Hope!

Finn confides in Hope while Liam and Steffy spend time with Kelly. We’d be surprised if Hope had much sympathy for anything having to do with Sheila, but then again, she has a problematic biological parent of her own. As is turns out, we just happen to have a perfect storyline in mind for a potential Deacon return.

Sheila takes deceptive advice from a new acquaintance. We have to wonder if it could be Paris, who just might see an opportunity to manipulate the situation and drive a wedge between Steffy and Finn, who is the object of her heart’s desire.
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