Spoilers for the Week of September 13, 2021

09/16/2021 08:58 am

Paris spoilers B&B

In Soaps.com’s newest Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, September 13, through Friday, September 17, Brooke and Ridge put the screws to poor Eric, Katie lands on the hot seat with her sisters, and a well-timed interruption by Paris puts an end to Finn and Steffy’s passionate clinch! Read on for details of Steffy’s continuing efforts to thwart she-devil Sheila and much more…

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, September 10:
Carter stunned B&B

In Friday’s recap, Quinn and Carter reel at Eric’s stunning suggestion, and Sheila flies into a rage when Finn chooses Steffy!

If there’s one thing besides designing that Eric excels at, it’s wooing a woman. So expect to swoon as he turns on the charm and romances Quinn with dinner and a dance.

Torn between his birth mother and his wife, Finn makes a big decision. Which you would think would be easy: stand by the stranger who “murdered” your mother-in-law and tried to kill several other people… or stick with the woman you love, with whom you have started a family? But we suspect Finn will not only struggle to make this choice but make the wrong one. Let’s remember “Sinn” in relatively happier, simpler times, shall we, via a photo gallery full of memories.

In loving memory of the soap alum lost in the 9/11 Attacks.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of September 13:

In a video preview for this week’s episodes of Bold & Beautiful, Eric has something to say after catching Carter and Quinn fighting temptation.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, September 13:
donna ponders forrester bb

In Monday’s recap, Brooke makes a suggestion to Donna, and Quinn and Carter are floored as Eric walks out after urging them to share a night of passion!

Hmm… we have to wonder if Eric will appreciate this particular 15 minutes in the spotlight when the formidable Logan sisters decide to unify in support of him. Will the elder Forrester come clean about his issues in the bedroom, and if so, will Donna break out the honey in an effort to help?

Total boondoggle! How Bold & Beautiful’s Eric may get his mojo back – and it has nothing to do with Quinn!

It sounds like a “feel-good” moment when Wyatt and Liam share a brotherly bond. We assume they’ll come together over something other than sharing romantic pasts with at least three of the same women. Might Wyatt ask Liam to be his best man when he ties the knot with Flo — the rare woman they don’t have in common?

Bold & Beautiful stars exchange romantic wedding anniversary messages: No, ‘I’m the lucky one’.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, September 14:
Donna cries B&B

In Tuesday’s recap, Donna breaks down, Brooke makes a call, and Quinn and Carter make a decision about Eric’s offer that leaves her in tears!

Katie has been reluctant to take Bill back after his most recent dalliance with her sister — and we can’t say as we blame her. But will Brooke and Donna learn Katie’s considering a reunion when they question their youngest sibling about her ever-changing relationship with the determined mogul?

As Eric struggles with complicated emotions surrounding Quinn and their marriage, will he consider letting her go since he can’t completely fulfill her… or will he mull over a very different type of solution that involves Carter?!?

Chesapeake Shores teasers: Jess and David’s guest list creates wedding complications — plus, Mick and Megan are forced to face the future!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, September 15:
Finn twitchy B&B

In Wednesday’s recap, Quinn pays an urgent visit to Carter to discuss the idea of them having sex, Ridge pries, and Finn gets twitchy during a visit with Hope and Liam.

We all know it’s only a matter of time before they give in, and yet Quinn and Carter valiantly attempt to keep their passion for each other under control. Cold showers all around!

It sounds like the groundwork is being laid for an epic showdown as Steffy becomes determined to keep her loved ones safe from Sheila. Hopefully, this time around, there won’t be bullets involved as there were when the notorious villainess shot Steffy’s mother — for starters!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, September 16:

Bold beautiful eric ridge office screenshot

In today’s Bold & Beautiful recap, Eric tells Ridge and Brooke to butt out, Paris interrupts a close moment, and Quinn faces temptation.

With all the subtlety of a swarm of gnats, Brooke and Ridge work hard to pry the truth from Eric. Will they beat him into submission and discover the real reason he blames himself for Quinn cheating?

We can’t say we didn’t see this kind of complication coming; in fact, we predicted that Paris would become Steffy’s worst nightmare after moving into the home she shares with Finn. Once again, the houseguest comes between Finn and his lady love — this time literally — when she interrupts a moment of passion between the the beleaguered newlyweds.

Rena Sofer (Quinn) speaks out about a devastating turn of events that ‘literally ripped at my heart’.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, September 17:

Finn is grateful to Paris for her support in his desire to know Sheila — and we can just guess where that will lead. Odds are he’ll show his gratitude with a hug. A shirtless hug — all the better to fuel the flames of her crush.

Shocker! Paris has a fantasy about Finn. How far will she go to make her dreams become a reality?

As a beloved Bold & Beautiful leading man reflects on his 42nd birthday, we celebrate a whole host of stars who don’t hide from but own their age.

If it were up to us, this is the story Bold & Beautiful would be telling with Sheila. But it would also make a compelling plot for another certain former favorite. Check it out and see if you agree.

— Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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