Spoilers for the Week of September 06, 2021

09/09/2021 07:22 am

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In Soaps.com’s newest Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, September 6, through Friday, September 10, Eric catches Quinn with Carter, Zende challenges Paris to be honest, Sheila gets the upper hand on Steffy, and Finn makes the mother of all decisions. Read on, and we’ll go over all the… Oh. You’ve already moved on and have started reading the spoilers. Alrighty, then!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, September 3:
Eric forlorn B&B
In Friday’s recap, Sheila enacts a manipulative plot to undermine Steffy, and Eric overhears a shocking conversation!

In light of the revelations about his current struggles in the bedroom, it’s not surprising that Eric wants Brooke and Ridge to stay the heck out of his personal life. But when he demands they butt out, will they respect his wishes? If we know Brooke, and we do know Brooke, being rebuffed will only cause her to redouble her efforts. Meanwhile, could the soap be getting ready to tell a truly adult story that will get tongues wagging?

Red alert! Sheila’s anger and frustration at Steffy rises in intensity — which means we could be headed for a very dangerous, and even deadly, clash that could lead to the Forrester family reliving a familiar nightmare all over again!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of September 6:

In a preview video for what’s to come on Bold & Beautiful, Steffy confronts the faking Sheila, but Sheila has a warning for Steffy about her son!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, September 6:
Eric, Quinn reassurance B&B

In Monday’s recap, Finn falls hook, line and sinker for Sheila’s play, and Quinn seeks to reassure Eric.

Ah. Well-played, Sheila. Well-played. Rather than unleash a hive of bees or whip out a gun, she faints — and gets just the reaction she’d hope for from Finn. Whereas anyone else would cheer the sight of the villainess collapsed, he actually gets emotional.

Eric may soon learn that ignorance really is bliss. While eavesdropping on Shauna and Quinn, he gets new perspective. Can the women’s topic be anything but the Forresters’ sex life — or lack of one?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, September 7:
Brooke, Ridge office B&B

In Tuesday’s recap, Steffy blows into the hospital and declares a furious Sheila a fake, Ridge freaks out and Zende warns Paris!

When Zende receives an unexpected earful from Paris about Steffy and Finn, will he get an inkling that she’s crushing on her handsome housemate?

Things become tense — well, tenser — when Steffy accuses Sheila of faking her illness. But let’s be real: Anyone who has ever met the baby-snatching, husband-stealing, enemy-drowning psycho would consider something like faking an illness child’s play for her.

Wait! Is Bold & Beautiful really gonna go where no soap has dared go before? Read our thoughts on what’s ahead for Quinn, Eric and Carter inside.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, September 8:
Steffy taunt Sheila B&B

In Wednesday’s recap, Steffy squares off with Sheila, who ups the ante with a shocking reveal, and Paris shows up to support Finn!

Aha. Apparently, Zende does have a lightbulb moment when Paris is going on and on about Finn and Steffy, because the designer later attempts to get her to admit that she’s sweet on the doctor. The question then becomes, will she be honest with Zende — and herself?

Oh, that’s cold: Sheila ups the ante with Steffy by showing her the emoji text that Finn sent. We can only imagine how hard it’ll be for her not to whack her antagonist upside the head with her phone!

Feast your eye(s) on fashion by scrolling through a photo gallery of your Bold & Beautiful favorites in their most stylish ensembles.

Chesapeake Shores teasers: Sarah struggles with unexpected news — plus, Evan’s latest move keeps Abby on her toes!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, September 9:

Congratulations! An elated Don Diamont shared a romantic photo from his son’s engagement over the Labor Day weekend!

When Eric spots Quinn and Carter having an intimate conversation, it has to provoke a reaction. But what kind? On one hand, it could stoke his jealousy anew. On the other, he could be moved to wonder about the wisdom of tying his wife to a sexless marriage. Perhaps, an unexpected and daring solution will come to mind?

Sheila’s plot to wreak havoc between Steffy and Finn is fully in motion. Where it will go next — and how nasty it will get — is anyone’s guess. But you might be able to glean some hints from this photo gallery of the she-devil’s past crimes and misdemeanors.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, September 10:

If there’s one thing besides designing that Eric excels at, it’s wooing a woman. So expect to swoon as he turns on the charm and romances Quinn with dinner and a dance.

Torn between his birth mother and his wife, Finn makes a big decision. Which you would think would be easy: stand by the stranger who “murdered” your mother-in-law and tried to kill several other people… or stick with the woman you love, with whom you have started a family? But we suspect Finn will not only struggle to make this choice but make the wrong one. Let’s remember “Sinn” in relatively happier, simpler times, shall we, via a photo gallery full of memories.

Hot Topic: Sheila’s plot is as dastardly as it is familiar… and there’s something very shocking ahead for Eric/Quinn/Carter!

— Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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