Spoilers for the Week of July 19, 2021

07/23/2021 02:08 pm

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In Soaps.com’s newest Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, July 19, through Friday, July 23, Paris gets better acquainted with the Forrester family (including their newest member), Wyatt wants to know exactly what’s going on with his mother, and it looks as if Quinn and Carter may be on the verge of figuring out whether they were simply a fling or something more. Read on for all the details on these spoilers and more.

The products that keep your favorite soap stars looking gorgeous! Hear from each of the actresses and find out where you can get the products — if you don’t already have them.

But first, join us in celebrating the anniversary of Scott Clifton’s debut as Liam Spencer by listening in as the actor cracks open his backstage diary to reveal his favorite scenes — from the slap that caught him off guard to the would-be love interest he kinda sorta tanked — in our exclusive interview.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of July 19:

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, July 19:

Brooke mystified B&B

In Monday’s B&B recap, Brooke surprises Ridge as a way to honor their love — but Ridge notices something that will surely upset Steffy! Plus, Carter and Quinn can’t hold back, and Finn becomes uncomfortable when Steffy brings up his family.

Finn and Steffy seem to be on the right track, what with being engaged and having a baby. So why does what he proposes today seem to throw her for a loop?

Quinn and Carter both know that what they did was wrong. But now that the truth is out, there’s nothing to prevent them from giving in to temptation… which is exactly what they’re about to do!

Hallmark’s new drama-filled preview into Chesapeake Shores’ upcoming Season Five: Trace announces his departure — plus, two possible new love interests for Abby!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, July 20:

eric looks mad at forrester bb

In Tuesday’s B&B recap, Carter is caught off guard — and nearly in the act — when Eric FaceTimes him, plus, Ridge reacts to Brooke’s co-CEO offer!

Brooke and Ridge have always mixed business and pleasure. (Just ask anyone who’s ever accidentally come across them in the company sauna!) How will he react to the proposition she makes regarding her future at Forrester Creations?

Paris becomes the latest person to swing by and pay their respects to Steffy, Finn and their newborn baby. Cue the cooing in 3, 2…

Now that Bill is — miraculously, we might add — a free man, what will be his next move? Don Diamont offers his two cents here.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, July 21:

carter holds quinn at the loft bb

In today’s recap, Carter makes a major confession to Quinn while Steffy presents Paris with a very generous offer!

Since arriving in Los Angeles, Paris has done pretty well for herself, what with dating Zende and landing a great gig with the Forrester Foundation. So who is the “unexpected source” behind a generous offer she receives today?

With Eric having given Quinn the boot, and Carter’s intended having taken off for Paris after finding out about his illicit affair with the boss’ wife, that leaves “Quarter” free to explore the possibilities. The big question is whether their sexy fling can translate into a real-world relationship.

Speaking of Zoe, you can find out where her exit ranks on our countdown of soaps’ all-time worst departures via this photo gallery.

Those photos of Tanner Novlan’s (Finn) birthday girl are just ‘2’ cute — plus, why there aren’t more of them!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, July 22:

wyatt lashes out at quinn bb

In today’s recap: Wyatt lays the smackdown on Quinn as Carter comes to her rescue — once again! Plus, Steffy and Paris bond.

Carter is about to earn big points with Quinn when he prevents something precious from being destroyed. He’s already saved her portrait… what else might he manage to rescue from the dumpster fire that her life has become since Eric discovered her infidelity?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, July 23:

quinn thanks carter bb

In today’s recap, after Quinn learns that Carter saved her jewelry line, they make a move that could define their future!

If you’re a fan of Quinn and Carter, you won’t want to miss today’s episode. What happens could be the moment that defines their relationship moving forward!

Make room for daddy: Ted King debuts as Finn’s father!

The plot that killed off Vinny had more holes in it than a net. But one good thing did come of it — and this is it. (Hint: It’s something the show’s needed for quite a while!)

By George, we’ve done it! We’ve come up with not only the story that should bring Zoe back to the show, the familiar face who should play her. See what you think or our ideas here.

— Charlie Mason/Richard Simms


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