Spoilers for the Week of July 12, 2021

07/15/2021 04:09 pm

bold liam hope parking lot reunion HW

In Soaps.com’s newest Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, July 12, through Friday, July 16, Hope becomes embroiled in a race against time, Eric’s ultimatum drops Carter between a rock and… well, his boss’ sexy estranged wife, and Bill’s reaction to Justin’s disloyalty prompts the lawyer to do the unthinkable. Or at least what should be unthinkable given that he threw Thomas in a cage! Get the explosive deets below…

Hot Topics: While Hope was busy rescuing Thomas, we needed someone to find out what was happening with Quinn and Carter. Plus, why Justin might be the worst attorney on the planet.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, July 9:

bold thomas hope baker lunch

In Friday’s B&B recap, Justin has a change of heart, Thomas finally gets to share his story and it’s moving day for Liam.

Hope is stunned when Thomas informs her that Liam is innocent in Vinny’s death. But will she be able to put the information to good use or will Justin get to them first?!

Ironically, just as Hope discovers that there is proof that her husband was set up by Vinny, Lt. Baker notifies a devastated Liam that he’s being transferred to a permanent prison.

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Get a personalized message from your favorite B&B stars — or get one for someone else! It’ll make their day!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of July 12:

In a sneak peek of what’s to come on Bold & Beautiful, Hope and Liam are reunited!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, July 12:

bold beautiful hope liam reunited HW

In Monday’s Bold & Beautiful recap, Thomas and Hope manage to convince Baker that Liam’s innocent, Brooke faces off with Quinn, and Carter has his day of reckoning.

So not over it! Eric remains shocked and angered by Quinn and Carter’s betrayal. When he’s finally ready to move on, will it be with one of these Bold & Beautiful blondes?

As Hope races against the clock to free Liam, watch for The Price is Right model, and ex-NFL player Devin Goda, who will be playing the not-gonna-lie-kinda-hot prison guard escorting our faint-hearted hero.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, July 13:

Bold thomas liam shake hands HW

In Tuesday’s Bold & Beautiful recap, Liam and Bill get their walking papers, Brooke trash-talks Quinn, and Carter learns the high price of Eric’s forgiveness.

Well, that was fast… Liam and Hope are joyfully reunited, and we presume all charges against the softest Spencer will be dropped just as quickly. After all, he really, most sincerely didn’t want to see Poor Dead Vinny wind up poor and dead.

When Eric makes a stunning and unexpected demand of Carter, will he expect his guilt-ridden COO to stay away from Quinn in return for keeping his job, or will he ask the exec to resign? Now that would be astonishing!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, July 14:

bold thomas justin bill's office hw

In Wednesday’s Bold & Beautiful recap, Liam enjoys the little things in life, Paris gets something special from Zende, and things get explosive when Bill finds out about Justin’s betrayal.

Will Liam finally be rendered speechless? After all the distrust and condescension, he learns that none other than Thomas is his hero. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful — and highly unlikely — friendship?

Eek! Bill and Justin blow up over the latter’s attempt to pull off a hostile takeover of Spencer Publications. We know this is gonna get ugly, but at the end of it all, will Bill finally have an epiphany about his mistreatment of his right-hand man? Maybe you can find a hint in this photo gallery of Bill’s explosive past.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, July 15:

bold beautiful carter shirtless screenshot

In Thursday’s B&B recap, Quinn gets another eyeful of Carter, while Justin makes Ridge and Thomas a shocking offer.

As Dollar Bill attempts to process Justin’s duplicity and disloyalty, will the legal eagle be able to hang onto his job? More importantly, will he want to?

When Carter tells Quinn about the conditions Eric set forth for him, will it set up a scenario in which the former lovers are forced to sneak around in order to maintain contact? ’Cause that sounds like hot, hot fun!

We still can’t get over how ho-hum Zoe’s farewell turned out to be. But did it make our countdown of soaps’ all-time worst exits? Find out!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, July 16:

Bold steffy finn hand HW

In Friday’s B&B recap, Finn suggests he and Steffy tie the knot pronto, Justin strikes a deal, Bill wants to carpool, and Quinn finds it impossible to resist Carter’s charms.

He’s got nerve, we’ll give him that! Justin approaches Ridge with an offer of an alliance, which we’re assuming will take a fair bit of convincing, given that the conniver just held the designer’s son captive in a cage for days on end. Maybe Justin can distract him by pointing out that Ridge and one of his exes made our list of supercouples that went from hot to… not.

“Quarter” for your thoughts? Carter and Quinn’s mutual lust for one another is palpable, so we’ll assume it’s only a matter of time before they once again give in to passion.

Things are looking up for Hope at the moment. But can it last? A look through photos of her tumultuous past would suggest that her happiness will — sigh — be short-lived.

— Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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