Spoilers for the Week of May 31, 2021

06/03/2021 07:50 am

Bill complicated arrest B&B

In Soaps.com’s newest Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, May 31, through Friday, June 4, the case of Vinny’s death only becomes more complicated — and emotional — after Liam turns himself in, and Brooke gets the shocking full story from Hope! Read on for all the juicy details…

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Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of May 31:

In the Bold & Beautiful spoiler video, Liam is arrested for Vinny’s murder!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, May 31:
Liam, Hope police station B&B

In Monday’s B&B recap, Steffy and Finn are overcome with emotion when they learn the gender of their unborn baby, Wyatt demands answers, and Bill tries to stop Liam.

Bill races against time to stop Liam from confessing to Deputy Chief Baker. Will he arrive too late to zip his son’s lips? Or more likely, will the overbearing mogul make matters far worse when he does show up?

Although they came close to never learning the truth — that it’s Finn’s unborn child that Steffy is carrying — the proud parents-to-be get to share a moment of unadulterated joy when learn the gender of their baby.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, June 1:

Liam may be a softie, but he’s also pretty crafty when he wants to be. So watch for him to play a trick on Bill in order to do the right thing. (You might be able to predict how that will turn out by perusing our photo gallery of Bill’s life and times.)

Baker listens as Liam recounts the story of the accident that turned Vinny into PDV (Poor Dead Vinny). But will the cop believe what he’s hearing? And if not, what kind of a quandary will Liam find himself in then? Could he actually end up facing life in prison?!

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Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, June 2:
Liam mugshot B&B

In Wednesday’s B&B recap, Hope breaks down as Liam is booked for murder, Wyatt flips out on Bill, and Steffy and Thomas discuss Vinny.

As Steffy and the Forresters anticipate the arrival of the newest member of their family, here’s hoping there won’t be any unanticipated drama involving Finn to derail this happy time in their lives.

An emotional Hope grants Liam forgiveness as he is arrested for the murder of Vincent Walker. Wonder if the judge will do the same — and who he’ll get to defend him in court.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, June 3:
Brooke upset cabin B&B

In Thursday’s B&B recap, Bill goes toe-to-toe with Hope before busting into the police station to make a confession.

We can remember a time when Liam happily would have given Bill up to whatever fate he had coming, but times have changed. Refusing to incriminate his father, Liam stays silent as Baker grills him for more information about the night that Vinny became roadkill.

Though the Eric/Quinn/Carter/Zoe quadrangle is on the backburner this week, it’s still in the forefront of our minds — to the point that we think we’ve figured out the shocking way that it will end. Read our theory and find out the woman with whom we suspect Carter will wind up — and it isn’t either Quinn or Zoe!

Hope is a good egg, but she’s fierce when she’s truly upset! Watch for Liam’s angry wife to tangle with Dollar Bill once again, this time blaming him for her better half being in prison.

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Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, June 4:
Baker phone precinct B&B

In Friday’s B&B recap, Bill’s plan to free Liam backfires spectacularly when Baker throws him a curveball, Brooke learns how Vinny died, and Thomas vows to make Vinny’s killer pay.

Devastated, Hope breaks down to Brooke about Liam’s arrest and Bill’s involvement. Her mother is bound to be astonished, but we have to wonder what her take will be, given her romantic history with Liam’s Daddy Dearest.

Time for a visit to the hot dog stand to clear his head! Baker gets frustrated when Bill and Liam continue to take the blame for each other. We have to wonder how on earth this will end! And will it ever turn into the “murder mystery” that the show initially promised?

Hot Topics: Has Hope just made an enemy of Bill? Plus, we really need to talk about Zoe’s dress. You know which one. 

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