Spoilers for the Week of October 19, 2020

10/22/2020 08:00 am

Steffy, Finn grow closer B&B

In Soaps.com’s newest The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Monday October 19 to Friday October 23, Hope takes a stand where Liam is concerned, while Zoe finds her personal life getting much more complicated! Read on for all the details!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of October 19:

In the latest soap opera news, pregnancy reveals, backstage secrets, and more.

B&B opinion: Did B&B do a time jump and forget to tell us? Plus, taking the soap to task for telling, not showing, the drama.

B&B’s Shauna and Liam… as a couple? Read why we think they make a weird kinda sense.

In this week’s Soaps Spoiler Digest, darkness engulfs many with unwelcome guests, desperate attempts and a haunting past, we have new spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday October 19:

In Monday’s B&B recap, Hope makes a serious request of Liam, and Zoe and Zende flirt.

Stunning bucket list photos! The Bold and the Beautiful’s Jacqueline MacInnes Wood poses nude on a white horse.

Liam has been insisting for a while now that he’s only butting into Steffy’s life out of concern for their daughter, Kelly. But Hope — who has spent years watching her husband ping-pong back and forth between herself and his other babymama — makes it clear that she thinks there might be more to the story than he’s willing to admit!

The line between business and pleasure continues to blur for Zende and Zoe as she puts on a flirty fashion show for the designer. Wonder how Carter would feel about his girlfriend’s borderline outrageous behavior? 

Watch Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas preview special — right here.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday October 20:
Zoe serenade B&B

In Tuesday’s B&B recap, Steffy’s confession floors Finn, Zoe serenades Zende, and Liam comes to a realization.

Clearly not paying a bit of attention to Liam’s recent attempts to come between them, Steffy and Finn continue growing closer. As for Liam, he remains in the hot seat as Hope — who has until now done her best to keep her feelings under wraps — lets him know how she really feels.

When Zoe opens up to Zende about her complicated situation, just how honest will she be about her relationship with Carter? Will things become clearer or more complex than ever when the model serenades her favorite designer with a song that comes straight from her heart?

Charlie turns up when Dick Christie returns to B&B.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday October 21:
Hope doll B&B

In Wednesday’s B&B recap, Thomas makes a creepy move, Liam apologizes, and Carter has big plans.

For a very long time, Steffy fans have expressed their frustration at her getting the short end of the romantic stick where eternal waffler Liam is concerned. That could all change when Finn vows to Steffy that he will love and take care of her in the way that she deserves. Might she finally have a guy who is going to put her first? (No wonder Liam’s head is ready to explode!)

Hey, Carter? You might want to keep a close eye on your lady, because Zende is about to knock Zoe clear off her feet by sharing his innermost desire. And we’re pretty sure that when another man is sharing anything involving “desire” with your girlfriend, it ain’t good!

I love you?! The possible reason behind Steffy and Finn’s rushed love story on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday October 22:
liam talks to zende and hope about thomas B&B

In Thursday’s B&B recap, Thomas hears an unexpected voice, Liam makes a confession, and Carter takes things up a notch.

Liam and Hope’s cabin in the woods is anything but peaceful as they continue to lay all their cards on the table. Hope has made it clear she’s not thrilled with him butting into Steffy’s life, but today the tables might just turn. How will Hope feel when her husband makes a confession about Thomas? (Something tells us he isn’t going to say, “I secretly want Thomas to be my best friend!”)

Carter may not even know he’s facing competition for Zoe’s heart, but he definitely steps up his game today. Zoe will be downright enchanted by the romantic evening Forrester’s new COO plans for her!

See Bold & Beautiful’s Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy), Susan Flannery (ex-Stephanie) and many more as you’ve never seen them before in a photo gallery of the stars’ scariest movie roles.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday October 23:
brooke's concerned about thomas being near hope B&B

In Friday’s B&B recap, Julius Avant returns, as Brooke once again has concerns about Thomas.

Brooke and Ridge had some serious issues when it came to how his son, Thomas, behaved toward her daughter, Hope. When Brooke finds out that Thomas has been showing Hope his designs and hoping to once again become part of the Hope for the Future team, will old concerns arise anew?

Zende is only just settling back into life in Los Angeles, but he’s in for a surprise when someone from his past makes an unexpected visit!

– Richard Simms/Candace Young


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